Sony to Post Profit -- Nikkei

Andriasang: Nikkei reports today that Sony will be posting an operating profit of between 10 billion and 30 billion yen over the April through June quarter. The company posted a 25.7 billion yen loss in the same period the year before.

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Poseidon3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

10 billion, between 30 billion. thats alot of used vhs movies at the pawn shop.

N4GAddict3104d ago

Yea, thats a pretty big gap

Anon19743104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The division responsible for the gaming side of Sony had begun to turn a profit before, then the recession hit. The Yen went up versus the US dollar and the Euro, almost 25% at some points and all japanese electronics makers were getting creamed due to the foreign exchange. Now that situation is better and Kaz confirmed last August that the PS3 had been profitable within the games division for some time, as a platform if not on the hardware itself. All the needed was for the US dollar and the Euro to strengthen versus the yen and there was no reason to assume that the games division wouldn't be profitable again.

Next Thursday is the actual earnings release.

Conloles3104d ago

Its not a big gap, thats like 200 million dollars in Australia lol.

Substance1013104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Considering they have to cover a loss of 5billion usd which was made by the gaming division. This is nothing.


check the FX market. Yen is currently at its strongest vs the dollar or the euro. Just means more of a hard time for Jap companies.

commodore643104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

... just seems weird that the FX rate is used to excuse the ps3 losses which currently run somewhere near $5 billion.
Yet, the same exchange rate seems to have worked exceptionally well for the Wii's profits, before, during and after the Global financial crisis.


This is N4g.

Not strange.

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J-Smith3104d ago

well done sony. a big finger up to the internet haters

LordMarius3104d ago

" Nikkei states that Sony's games and mobile division reached profitability for the quarter thanks to cost-cutting measures."

thats all I care for, now they should go buy more studios

Millionaire3104d ago

They just did two weeks ago...You know the one who made the kung fu doll game one(forgot the exact name)

eggbert3104d ago

that was just an exclusivity deal for a few games? Someone got source?

RememberThe3573104d ago

They are still and independent studio if I am not mistaken. The wording in the release made no mention of an acquisition, only a "deal." But this seems like the same thing that they did with MM; work with them to see how the two parties work together and if everything goes well offer them an ass load of money.

ChronoJoe3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Oh, Tarsier Studios...

They make LBP content... kind of interesting...

I mean, there job is to sit down with Little Big Planet and make levels within the game editor, presumably... that's kinda funny... lol

I think they are owned by Sony though... the article sites them as first party... and having 'joined Sonys family of Studios'.

Well, actually, their own website states that.

sikbeta3104d ago

More Studios... Sucker Punch and Eat Sleep Play are NEXT!

RememberThe3573104d ago

The guy and the people that he has working with him are doing a great job doing their part to get things profitable again. Jesus at this rate he'll be the next president of Sony Corp.

sikbeta3104d ago

He's One of the Most powerful execs...

TheHomerPimpson3104d ago

but just have some new found respect for my PS3 (where I mainly loved my Xbox prior). Just subscribed to to follow my favorite team as I'm about to move to another state, and what do I see when I'm googling what features my subscription offers? How about streaming games in HD via my PS3 (as well as archived games from like 5 months ago). I'm freaking loving this, I thought I was going to have to get an HDMI cord to connect my laptop to a TV to enjoy these games on an HD tv...definitely not the case thanks to Sony. Appreciate it! Hope enough people utilize this so they don't have to eventually take it down or end their partnership with the MLB.

patterson3104d ago

I totally feel the same way. I'm a subscriber too and love that I can stream from my PS3 to my HDTV using the PSN app. It's one of those things that I think a small minority appreciates though.

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