Dragon Quest IX Special Guest Complete List

At some point in time, when a new quest is downloaded via the DQVC service of Dragon Quest IX, a special guest might visit the Royal Quarters of the Quester’s Inn in Stornway.

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ShadyDevil3101d ago

Great guide. Very helpful within the game.

N4GAddict3101d ago

I agree. It is very informative.

N4GAddict3101d ago

DQ9 is a great RPG for the DS.

MightyMark4273101d ago

I agree. HOpefully DQX will be as good as IX though

Spenok3100d ago

I really need to buy this game. Ive been seeing it everywhere.

MightyMark4273101d ago

There are a lot of interesting characters that I wish to see on DQ9 ^^

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