8 Gaming Peripherals That Suck

A vicious roasting of the some of the worst gaming peripherals throughout history.

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GWAVE3101d ago


(and Eyetoy for that matter? Controller-free gaming is a gimmick, after all)

darthv723101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

kinect is not for you and you have made that very clear in almost every kinect related article.

This one, however, is NOT kinect related and you are trying to relate it as such. Very disrespectful even for a ps3 gamer.
If I were to try and relate move with this article (as you have done with kinect) it would be simply the point about the power glove. Not exactly the same but in another article about the early development of move it was a glove based unit until they had other ideas.

I do see the addition of the wii sensor as a legitimate point on the list. Those other devices were niche and some of classic gaming strangest concoctions. Each one of those lacked support which ultimately lead to their failure. The wii sensor will share the same fate as I dont really see it becoming a staple in upcoming wii titles.

Kinect and move look to be supported far more than any of these that made the list.

moe843100d ago

The Wii sensor probably shouldn't be on the list. For those of you who actually use Wii Fit may want to check out that vitality sensor.

I remember using, or trying to use the Power Glove and Sega Activator. The P.Glove was better off by tearing out the cord and using it when you played "war" with your friends. You know, at age 5 or so running around with guns yelling "bang bang you're dead"! Tried the S.Activator at a theme park once, I think we were playing a Street Fighter game. Talk about terrible technology at it's finest. The Handy Boy wasn't too bad and was questionably worth it. True, it looked like ass, but it definitely had it's uses. Hell I used one for years as did most of my friends who had a GameBoy. I think pretty much every hand held since the beginning of time has had it's own version of the Handy Boy. Mostly for younger kids, but that doesn't mean it should be on the fail lists.