Sony Clarifies PlayStation Plus Content Ownership and More

There have been a number of questions surrounding how the flow of content will work with PlayStation Plus for subscribers and what they'll be able to keep if they do not resubscribe to the service after their one year membership expires. Though the service has been detailed in great measures, what people will keep and lose hasn't been made all that clear. Finally, a clear and concise answer has been given to this issue.

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playstation_clan3104d ago

so its basically a discount offering (coupon book), which is cool if you buy alot of games/add-ons

NYC_Gamer3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

nice service for people who buy alot of things on psn

Nihilism3104d ago

A bold plan to be sure...get it...bold...

Kerrby3103d ago

Pretty much for those who haven't read the article, anything free you can't play if your subscription ends.

So if you buy DLC for a game that was free, you can't use that DLC unless you "re-buy" the game.

The only thing really free are avatars and themes.

Stupid service.

asyouburn3103d ago

you say you would have to "re-buy" the game, but that implies that you "bought" it in the first place. sony needs a hook to keep people coming back. i like this much better than the competition's solution, which holds parts of games i paid retail 60 bucks for if i dont pay up. the only thing sony takes from you are things you never paid for in the first place

writersblock3103d ago


We all know theres forums

Big Frank3103d ago

PSN+ is one of the sneakiest, dirty little tricks in the gaming industry. People blast Live for having to play online, BUT, with PSN+, you have to keep giving Sony money or you will lose the content! BS!


yippiechicken3103d ago

"the only thing sony takes from you are things you never paid for in the first place"

I understand your point but technically you do pay the $50 up front.

StbI9903103d ago

Big frank = Big [email protected]?


Big Frank3103d ago Show
gololo3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

@big frank, so by your logic we should rebel against netflix, since I will not get to keep any movies I've watched if I don't have an active subscription? Stop hating.

Motorola3103d ago

you arent forced to play for its not really a trick. the subscribers know what they r getting into

BISHOP-BRASIL3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )


I did agree with you but would like to note those free games are "freebies" of PS+, you don't pay 50 bucks for free games, the premium service offered here is about discounts, trials, early demos/betas and features, that said, freebies are obvious reasons to get the service in the costumers' perspective.

That's why I didn't got PS+ so far. I can wait for demos, don't get enough PSN content to justify it neigher the extra features (background auto download of updates) justify it for now.

But it's cool I don't feel forced to get it having essencial services cut out or having some kind of disadvantage agains PS+ users online. I'll probably get plus if they come up with good new features.

yippiechicken3102d ago

"I did agree with you but would like to note those free games are "freebies" of PS+, you don't pay 50 bucks for free games, the premium service offered here is about discounts, trials, early demos/betas and features, that said, freebies are obvious reasons to get the service in the costumers' perspective."

I totally understand that reasoning but, again, if you don't pay the 50 bucks up front, you don't get the free games.

"That's why I didn't got PS+ so far. I can wait for demos, don't get enough PSN content to justify it neigher the extra features (background auto download of updates) justify it for now.

But it's cool I don't feel forced to get it having essencial services cut out or having some kind of disadvantage agains PS+ users online. I'll probably get plus if they come up with good new features."

I feel the same way so far. I hope more features are added that will make me want to get Plus.

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rdgneoz33104d ago

Yep, its a discount service. Which is why I find it funny people comparing it to other things it is not (ie Live; Live = pay for online, PS+ = discount service).

Those that have been buying everything off the store all along, might not find too much value beyond demos / betas / themes / avatars, but others will. I've saved like 30 in the first month alone, and 14 more months to save more.

Solidus187-SCMilk3103d ago

If you have gold LIVE, There is a different deal each week on games and dlc. Alot of stuff is half off.

So it is kinda similar.

Mc Fadge3103d ago

Every week there are special offers

mastiffchild3103d ago

Exactly, Sony aren't holding a gun to your head with PSN+ in ANY way. It's clear what it is and what it's for-mainly to get people more into the things on offer on the PSN by offering discounts and what amount to year long /sub long rentals. You see the content available, you see the deals and decide if there's value FOR YOU. Simple as that.

A gold sub on Live, on the other hand, is a far more insidious proposition as MS force your hand terribly. You pay £45 for your game, yes? Well, unless you pay MS your sub you only get half the content to play and only get the full lot as long as you subscribe. You already pay for your broadband off your ISP and, really, the fact MS manage to get us to pay THEM again for access is a neat trick but wholly reprehensible and XGC is a crappy feature that, in the end, was the deciding factor in me having enough of paying for Live so don't give me that knackers!

I'm not likely to be buying into PSN+ as I barely have time to play the disc based games I buy and rent as it is with only a select few PSN titles really whetting my whistle but I can see times when it would be a good service for some families and gamers. Live, conversely, is something I WILL have to buy into again at some point(prolly when Reach comes out I'll have a month and then for Gears3 if they don't make such a mess of it this time round!)with the operative word being HAVE.

There's NO comparison between the two subscription services any more than there is between a dolphin and a bike to be honest and pretending there is makes anyone look a bit simple in my opinion.

I bought a 360 day one and subscribed to live for years. Now all that money, every penny feels stolen from me and MS didn't EVER make proper reasons for their claims to have the best community on line. The one thing they DID do was provide headsets with each 360 but, again, that was another push as you can't use it unless-you guessed it, you pay your sub. Had they become the leading system for dedicated servers then, fair enough, kudos and, sure, they have to be paid for but as Sony actually has more games using them I fail to see how XGC(a manners free aberration, imho, and something that killed TF2 which was the last game I was paying Live for)and other glib features make up for anything let alone fewer dedicateds and THAT price.

Also, what effin use are the Halo3 map packs I paid for while I don't sub to Live? Seems the main complaints about PSN+ should be aimed closer to home first by a few green eyed monsters round here!

Fact is: PSN+ is a discount service with fringe benefits. Live and PSN are both much of a muchness(change a feature here for a dedicated server there as is your taste), both are equally stable but one is free and the other isn't. If the sweetener is a headset that must cost cents to pack in then I know where I think the value is. It doesn't even seem a hard choice to make and if there weren't a couple of franchises I really liked on 360 alone I'd certainly NEVER be giving MS the dubious pleasure of making me pay them for something I already paid other people for!!!

That people justify the difference in cost is simply WAY beyond my understanding of things. No sense, no sense at all and the very worst thing is the way MS bully us into doing something NO OTHER company does. Also the FUD about PSN+ has reached epidemic levels of idiocy-if I cared about the service I MIGHT even get wound up!

MattyF3104d ago

More or less. As long as they offer some good deals the price and savings will even out over time.

SoSLy3103d ago

Already got $35 in savings and its just been like 2 months :D

ChronoJoe3104d ago

It didn't really take anyone till now, to understand it?

Did it? ...

karl3103d ago

they dont want to get it so they can keep bashing it..

well i hope thats the case.. or it would be really sad if they really didnt get it until now....

Snoogins3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Originally, they said on the US and EU PS Blogs that the free DLC was yours to keep. Since then, Sony has been sending mixed signals, so it's good to ask and find the definitive answer. Now we know.

As the service currently stands, I find it much less attractive now knowing everything short of avatars and themes was temporary. If they add more features to the service, I might finally jump in.

As an added note, the reception of the service has been mixed among my friends. I hope PSN+ finds great success, which hopefully will help the core service expand.

Garnett3104d ago

So people are paying $50 a year for discounts, on other games they have to buy?

dustgavin3103d ago

Almost as crazy as people paying to play online! Seriously, you get discounts plus free games while you are a member.

MikeGdaGod3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

its been worth it for me just because i wanted Wipeout and hadn't bought it yet. i'm paying for content. i'm betting that in a year's time sony will offer games i wanna play and extra features.

i'm also confident they'll start offering credit for the video store.

after 15 months i'm sure i'll get more than $50 worth of content.

Anon19743103d ago

So you're paying $50 a year for Qore (which was $25 a year), full game demos, early demos, betas, discounts, free themes and avatars and multiple free games which you can play anytime as long as you're subscription is still good.

Questions like Garnett's above make me wonder where these people have been. No, Garnett. You're not just paying $50 a month for discounts. There are more than enough articles detailing everything this content driven service provides. Just take a second and skim one of them.

Dac2u3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

It's just as good, if not better, for people that don't buy a lot of things from PSN, like me. I had purchased three things from PSN before PS+ came out; Fat Princess, Echochrome and Joe Danger. I like the fact that I'll get to play 60 different games (15 months x 4 games) for $50. Most of which are games I never would have bothered trying out. Sure, some will be garbage, but some will be a lot of fun.

Now, add in the value of items you might purchase at discount in the future, betas, themes, and avatars and you have yourself a great purchase, imo.

MikeGdaGod3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

*EDIT: wrong reply

wrong reply

gamerzBEreal173103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

i love PS+ but your telling me that if i get a 6.99 game for free and deside i dont want ps+ anymore i can only play it for 3 months till it runs out? i rather pay the $7 and keep it forever just imo tho

FACTUAL evidence3103d ago

You don't comprehend what you read huh?

"Add-ons you pay for (even if you pay at a discount) are yours to keep for good."

On top of that, only thing you would have to repurchase are free games, they will still be in your downloaded list but you'll have to buy them unless you re-do your sub. So if i bought a game at a discount I will still get to keep it after my sub is over, but if it was a free one i don't til i re-sub, or buy it.

r1sh123103d ago

they will be refining the online service etc..
quite a bit, so expect some more clarifications, and adjusments.
They will need to refine the service to make it even better, so minor rule/description changes will take place.

StbI9903103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Wrong section...

ZombieNinjaPanda3103d ago

@Writers Block

Forums become more and more inactive by the day, so he's trying to get some of the people on the mainsite to actually check out the forums.

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RosoTron363104d ago

People still don't understand??? Wow...

BiggCMan3104d ago

i know right? its so simple to understand, what i dont understand is how people dont understand. it doesnt make sense.

DelbertGrady3103d ago

Not the smartest fanbase perhaps?

gamerzBEreal173103d ago

guys this is new news i didnt know that u can keep the discounted games are free themes/avatars

Seijoru3103d ago Show
-EvoAnubis-3103d ago

@Soda: You wasted your one bubble to say that? You're amazingly useless.

Graey3103d ago

Chewbacca living on the planet that doesn't make sense.

How is a 7ft tall wookie, gonna live on a planet with 4ft tall ewoks?

You see, so you have to agree, and therefore subscribe to PSN+, because everything else, just doesn't make sense.

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Spenok3103d ago

I know, its ridiculous.

mastiffchild3103d ago

Soda's only got one bubble? not having that. Poor comment this time but Soda's one of the old school. don't let him die out!! Bubble up soda!

room4143103d ago

the guy only deserves one bubble...he's a bot troll...always has been

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Vortex3D3104d ago

Certain games have the saved game becomes dependent on the DLC. So, if you delete the DLC or it expires, you can't load the saved game anymore. One such game is Dragon Age: Origins. Currently there isn't any PS+ free DLC game that has saved game with this dependency.

Dac2u3103d ago

I understand the point you're trying to make, but you shouldn't be able to benefit from DLC if you don't own it. Lets pretend Mass Effect is on PS3 as an example, you play through the game and the DLC, you get all this great gear and added levels because of the DLC. Afterward, your PS+ and DLC expires and you want to play through a New Game+. You shouldn't be able to benefit from the DLC, because you do not own it. And you can't expect a developer to code the game to allow this really unique scenario.

So, the answer is that if you play through free DLC and let your PS+ lapse, you should just buy the DLC or start a new game.

Jazy783103d ago

Does anyone know if the buy a year get 3 months free will be sold permanently or is it just for this first month

Calabolg3103d ago

I'm not sure about that. But you can try to buy, it'll show you what you get before charging you.

AssassinHD3103d ago

The extra 3 months deal ends at the beginning of August.