Amiga: 25 Years Later

Twenty-five years ago on July 23, a new personal computer was unveiled at a black-tie, celebrity-studded gala at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in New York's Lincoln Center. It debuted to rave reviews and great expectations -- heck, InfoWorld said it might be the "third milestone" in personal computing after the Apple II and the IBM PC.

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sak5003009d ago

I got my Amiga500 in 1988 after 2 years of gaming on commodore 64. The difference between 8bit to 16bit was huge. Also it was well ahead of its time. At that time hardly any person knew about mouse or multitasking/windows environment. Shame it had to go down the way it went. I still have teh emulator on my pc as well as on my nokia n900.

Anon19743008d ago

However, I never could afford an Amiga right out of the gate. I finally purchased one in either 1990 or 1991, just before I went away to university. I swear, there was someone in my dorm room playing Civilization 2 on my Amiga 2000 twenty-four hours a day. I'll never forget when word started coming down about the internet - now with actual pictures! I'd sit with my dialup modem and Amiga 2000 and marvel at that new internet thing. Before that it was just individual, text based bulletin boards for the most part.

Ah, memories...

maawdawg3008d ago

Some of my best gaming memories were on the Amiga. Amazing system with a tremendous catalog of games.