Street Fighter x Tekken release date narrowed down
"Capcom and Namco have been pretty mum about when their fighting game cross-over Street Fighter x Tekken for the PS3 and Xbox 360 might be released. Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono may have narrowed down the release window for the game."

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Queasy3004d ago

That's gonna be a long wait. But makes sense.

princejb1343004d ago

why is a fighting game taking so long to make
is not like is adventure or first person shooter where you have to map out maps and levels

Krimmson3004d ago

You'd be surprised on how long it takes to balance out fighting game characters. If the development team isn't careful, there can be characters that unfairly dominate everyone (and I don't mean characters that are considered high tier; I mean characters that have infinites and such.)

That and I'm fairly sure that the main focus right now is on Marvel vs Capcom 3, with Street Fighter x Tekken being an afterthought as of right now.

ChefDejon3004d ago

why did they have to announce them so early... thats such a long wait

RockmanII73004d ago

Probably so it doesn't get leaked. Its Capcom and Namco, if one person from either company opens their mouth it will ruin the announcement.

Spenok3004d ago

It does, there have been so many fighters lately. And Marvel VS Capcom 3 coming out soon.

MMFGaming3004d ago

It'll be interesting to see what fighters make the cut and how the two fighting engines will work with one another.

Natsu X FairyTail3004d ago

Or What will the Tekken guys throw at the SF cast? I dont reckon anybody being able to throw KI balls and Fire Energy at people in the tekken games! ._.

Queasy3004d ago

They'll work it in around the Tekken framework I'm sure.

ABizzel13004d ago

My guess is Street Fighter 2 Turbo characters, and original Tekken.

Even though I'm hoping for more.

RockmanII73004d ago

I want Tekken 3 people, Paul vs Guile would be the best thing ever

killyourfm3004d ago

I feel a bit sorry for the release that drops last...I'm also curious about price points and cross promotion, but damn...that's still a long wait.

Queasy3004d ago

Yeah, obviously they don't want to release the two at the same time but still.

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The story is too old to be commented.