NXT Gamer: Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

NXT Gamer's Synonymble gives his thoughts on low-budget, sniper-a-thon Sniper: Ghost Warrior.

"How many missing or broken components does it take to deem a game “unfinished”? If a game can be played, experienced and completed, and yet be plagued with bugs and problems, then is it really a finished product? If so, how much is it really worth? Regardless of the answers to these questions, one as ugly and ramshackle as Sniper: Ghost Warrior should be studied and scrutinised further, for it sits on the very edge of acceptable to insulting."

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Mike Bell3101d ago

Such a shame, it had so much potential to be a really fun game and be a bit different from the standard run-and-gun FPS we've had in the past years.

3101d ago
Finch3101d ago

Im missing something here. I cant stop playing it SP and MP. Yes i agree it feels like a buget game, but damn is it fun! Cry all you want i dont regret buying this game at all.