PlayStation Emulator Lands on Android Phones

PSLS: "Emulation experts yongzh and ZodTT have long been known by mobile gaming enthusiasts for their development of both Sega and Nintendo emulators. For the past few months this dream team of two has been hard at work on an emulator for the Android market which is intended to play full PlayStation games. As of today, this seemingly impossible vision has been realized..."

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Sev3008d ago

I totally agree. I've got a Motorola Droid and I absolutely love Android.

Oh, and I just downloaded this emulator now, and I've already tried FFVII, FF Tactis, and FF Origins and all of them run smoothly.

Hell yeah!

Microsoft Xbox 3603008d ago

Too bad you bought a Motorola. E-Fused. If you're going Android you might as well stick with the top tier hardware makers like HTC.

Conloles3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

WP7 > Android

Android would be a good platform if it wasnt for the fact that it was so fragmented and each phone you get which is the latest gets outdated only 2 months after purchase.

RageAgainstTheMShine3008d ago

You really nailed the next big thing with your avatar: The Sony & Google Alliance
I also liked the Sony & Samsung LCD HDTV joint venture; Sony & Sharp LCD HDTV joint venture and last but the greatest alliance Sony & the Blu-ray Association.

Sony is probably the friendliest consumer electronics corporation today.

Rumor3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

dl ing on my EVO instantly! already have snes, gb color, sega genesis

EDIT: buggy and no analogue :(

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D4RkNIKON3008d ago

Yet another reason why I want this damn phone EVO 4G

kalel1143008d ago

for the Samsung Epic. It will blow the Evo away. :)

REALgamer3008d ago

Having had an HTC Hero for a while, I just picked up the Samsung Galaxy S (known as the AT&T Captivate, T-Mobile Vibrant and Sprint Epic 4G in the US).

I'm not the sort of person who's loyal to a brand, but instead prefers to get the best product suited to me at the time. Eg:

- Home computer: custom-built Windows 7 PC
- Laptop: Macbook Pro 13
- Portable: iPad (wifi)
- Phone: Samsung Galaxy S (Android)
- Consoles: Xbox 360 S, PS3 40gb, Wii
- Handhelds: Nintendo DSi XL, PSP-3000

So you can tell I don't go an slavishly follow a particular brand or product, so after using the HTC Hero and wanting a more powerful phone it came down to the Galaxy S, HTC Desire or iPhone 4.

Galaxy S won out for a few reasons and for me is the best phone on the market today.

1) Screen - the Super AMOLED looks incredible. Blacks are literally indistinguishable from the black glass surrounding the screen, so it actually makes it look like images or white text on the screen are floating on the black glass.

2) Power - it's a powerhouse, handles anything you could throw at it including these emulatoirs (N64 one is due for release from the developer next)

3) Price - it's almost half the price of the iPhone 4 on contract in Australia. To get it for $0 on a 24-month contract is $49 / month for the Galaxy S, or estimated $89 / month for the iPhone 4.

I really do recommend an Android phone for anyone who loves customising their stuff and making their phone unique.

EeJLP-3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

The EVO is badass, but touchscreen only isn't too good for emulators. It's decent for some games, like turn based or games with somewhat simple controls. Anything you need to be quick at, it's not so great and you'll be dieing a lot. If you have to be quick, jump at certain angles, etc. the games are nearly unplayable (in the sense that you'll get very frustrated, very quickly). Your thumbs are covering at least part of the screen and you hit the wrong buttons a lot. It's simply just not as good as physical keys.

-EVO owner w/ NES, SNES, and Genesis emulators on it.

pimpmaster3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

hmm.. i bought the evo, i hated it so much i went back to my iphone. im not trying to troll but im just too used to the iphone os. i get every app so easily from installous, updates easily, cydia, and SOOOOOOOOO many games and apps to choose from. android os is still very early , all the games are port of 120x180 java games ported to android. the evos battery life was horrid, and the touchscreen was horrible, even after a week with it everytime i typed something it came out wrong. the point is , the evo sucks ass. get the galaxy S instead. im sticking with my iphone 3g for tmobile lol.

as i said before the touchscreen is horrible on evo, if u play emulators on it and press more than 2 on screen buttons at the same time then let go of one , everything goes apesh1t.ur guy starts walking byitself.

dont be fooled though , google search "evo sansung galaxy s benchmark results" and some site did some comparisons and the evo is the worst of 5 phones compared , with the galaxy leading them all by landslide

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JonnyBigBoss3008d ago

I gotta admit, I should have gotten the Droid. I didn't like the slide-out keyboard and giant size but man the capabilities are amazing.

doctorstrange3008d ago

I am becoming very tempted to get a Droid

TheIneffableBob3008d ago

Get the Droid X then if you don't want a slide-out keyboard. OR if you can wait until late this year, early next, Motorola will likely release a 4G LTE phone with a dual-core processor.

morganfell3008d ago

Well do not get an Iphone. Worst phone I ever purchased. Every firmware update seems to create more and more issues.

Sev3008d ago

If you do, get the Droid X, or if you want a physical keyboard, wait for the Droid 2 that's due out in August.

I'm obsessed with Android as much as I am with PlayStation

kissmeimgreek3008d ago

haha i guessed that from your picture

Rumor3007d ago



HeroXIV3008d ago

I love the picture for this!

JonnyBigBoss3008d ago

I hope it inspires you to have a great week at work or school.

Johnny Jiron3008d ago

Damn wish I had just ballsed up a bit and got the HTC Incredible. Doubt the Eris can handle this...but I am due for an upgrade early next year andh have an additional $50 gift card for my next phone as well...

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