The Lowdown on Premium PS3 Themes

Ever since Sony first announced the availability of dynamic themes on the PlayStation Network, I’ve been overflowing with anticipation of a theme: one which truly sweeps me from my feet and smacks me back down to earth with its sheer complexity, style, and originality.

You can imagine my jubilation when Sony then announced partnerships with third party companies, providing both dynamic and static premium themes for just a few dollars, while leaving creativity in the hands of innovative minds! The actual partnerships at the time were with two companies, Smobile Inc and Disruptive Publishers LLC.

After some investigation, it becomes apparent that Disruptive Publishers LLC actually just contracts artists from across the net (from communities like DeviantArt) and gives them 5% of gross sales for their original background. Disruptive then applies a vaguely related set of icons and submits the theme to Sony for inclusion on the PlayStation Network.

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MariaHelFutura3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

There are website that you can get better ones for free. Even one`s that make it look like a 360 or a Wii.

Millionaire3004d ago

Really? Where? Can you please tell me the site. Thanks

rdgneoz33004d ago

There are a bunch of sites. One I've found a few good ones on is:

inveni03004d ago

"Personally, I think the artists working for Disruptive are being used."

5% is standard artist royalty for publications. That's where the 5% comes from. They aren't being forced into labor...they're doing it of their own free will. It's most likely a hobby that they enjoy, and they don't mind making a little cash while they do it.

Neo-Delta3004d ago

As the articles says, but why do Sony allow these on the PSN? They are utterly usesless. I think the point of the article is to get themes worth paying for on the service, not crappy ones currently there.

nickjkl3004d ago

idk about you but theres some pretty good ones there more than enough to pay for the ones you want

TheLastGuardian3004d ago

What about one that looks like a psp? oh nevermind.

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despair3004d ago

I never quite understood why premium themes were so expensive, they're nice but not worth the price, you can sometimes get a lot better themes from theme sites for free.

Neo-Delta3004d ago

It's a pity Sony doesn't actively seek out the awesome theme creators so their content can go on PSN..

Myst3004d ago

Only Dynamic theme I ever thought was worth getting was the Flower one. Ever since then haven't really changed it or bought any others. I am baffled though at some of those premium themes that were floating about as they seemed like ones that I could get off a variety of websites. Especially anime related ones in which if Sony didn't have it I'm sure I could find either A. A similar copy but not 100% accurate to theirs or B. A better one.

Either way I love the dynamic theme ideas but haven't really checked it out in a while. Have there been any new worthwhile releases?

despair3004d ago

dynamic themes are great and some are worth the price, others not so much(looking at star trek). Its the premium themes I have a problem with, they're like standard themes but you pay sometimes 2-3 dollars for each and thats ridiculous.

Megaton3004d ago

I wish there was a way to get around publishers in all areas of this industry. More often than not, they're the cause of my frustration. I'd love to be able to give my $60 straight to the developers, or $2 in this case.

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The story is too old to be commented.