Paying to play a tough sell?

Kevin Durawa writes:
"This week the rumors of a subscription-based Call of Duty came to a head – and exploded in the press like a sticky grenade.

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling noted on Twitter, “Modern Warfare 2 subscription plan rumors going around. For the record, nobody has to pay to play COD or MW2 multiplayer, nor will they."

The developer of this holiday's Call of Duty: Black Ops also weighed in. Studio manager Josh Olin confirmed the soon-to-be November blockbuster wouldn't require a “pay to play” either.

A monthly subscription for Call of Duty gamers would be an extremely difficult sell to even the most hardcore COD fans. But would it improve the quality of the experience?"

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Agent-863006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

If publishers want to go with the subscription model with online multiplayer, they really need to slash the price of the core game. For instance, I could see a great FPS shooter selling for $39 with only a single player campaign with a $5/month subscription for the multiplayer running on dedicated servers. If its a game you truly love, then its like paying to maintain the servers. I could see that as a fair compromise.

Tuxmask553006d ago

I happen to agree. I find it silly that publishers will charge full price for a game, then tack on a monthly charge of as much as $15-20 for some games. It amazes me that people actually pay it.

rdgneoz33006d ago

Only games that charge full price and tack on a monthly charge are MMOs, and at least those are dedicated servers, and the fees go towards constant updates, fine tuning, and customer support. As for COD, they'll still charge $60 and tack on a $15 month charge, but will still suffer from glitches, hacks, and not have dedicated servers.

trounbyfire3006d ago

and it has all the best features that you can get on the x box including online play but you have to pay for it....wait they do that already. Well now we know why companies think they can get away with it.

it sadly coming and i am cheap so F that

SactoGamer3005d ago

Just wait until Microsoft makes Windows a "could service" and charges everybody a monthly fee to use the OS.

Soldierone3006d ago

The thing about EA's attempt is to get their hands on the money Gamestop owes them. Developers get absolutely no money from the used games Gamestop sells. Yet blockbuster is handing them a percent of their profits per game rented. So EA said eff you gamestop and thought of a loop hole around it.

Paying to play COD is NOT the way to go. There is nothing to pay for. Hell 80 percent of COD fanboys are on Xbox Live and guess what, they are already paying microsoft 50 bucks a year to play the game. So you want to tag on another 5 or 10? Sure its not alot till you realize that IP bill in the mail box at the end of the month too. Comes down to it your paying nearly 200 bucks just to shoot some people in an FPS thats no better than Medal of Honor's free to play (but pay if you got it used) model.

EA has it right, and even Kojima had a better idea. Pay to have accounts online. Get one free account, link it to your Live or PSN account, then you gotta pay for a second account. Activision already ripped us off with map packs, and did we see any improvement from the online? Nope. and the next COD is gonna have the same exact issues and run off the same engine and look exactly the same.