DEAL$ of the Week 7/25/10

It's rarely easy to shop around to get the best gaming deals, which is why ConsolePress is proud to give you this week's gaming deals for all major platforms. Everything from the PlayStation 3 to the Nintendo DS is covered, with each entry organized by platform and retail outlet for your viewing convenience.

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DJ3191d ago

But Toys R Us has been absolutely amazing as of late.

TheHomerPimpson3191d ago

been totally surprised by seeing the deals they are offering. Really didn't think they were doing that well considering there is only like one store in my city (about 700,000 people) and I never see anyone there. Guess they must get a lot of online sales in this day and age.

mikeslemonade3191d ago

Stick to online shopping unless you have to get the game day-one. It's not rare to see a new game be like $39.99 after a couple weeks. I'm waiting for cheap Microsoft points so i can get Limbo.