CoD: Black Ops cast list hints at Zombie mode revival

According to IMDB, actor Shaun Paul Piccinino is 'rumoured' to be reprising his role as a 'Zombie' in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the same role he played in 2008's World at War.

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SpaceFox3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


Who didnt see this coming?

FURY__UNLEASHED3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The odds of Zombie mode NOT being in Black Ops are about as slim as N4G user GreenRingOfLife getting laid.

Noobasaurus_REX3104d ago

your comment about greenring made me LOL

Darth_Bane793104d ago

I almost fell of my chair laughing when I read your comment!! Lol

Spenok3103d ago

Lol, so very true. It would be very odd not to see one in BO.

Scotland-The-Brave3103d ago

LOL, that was hilarious, + bubs
Thats the only reason i will purchase black ops, if it has Zombie Mode

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TROLL EATER3104d ago

borin. atleast make it like versus firefight

JsonHenry3104d ago

I really hope so. I loved he zombie mode better than the rest of the entire game.

RyuDrinksTheDew3104d ago

im sorry to anyone that thought this, im just being honest...

...but anyone who actually thought this game WOUDLNT have a zombie mode is just plain stupid.

RedDead3104d ago

They just have to perfect it. The new DLC maps for it were alot better than the first one. Altough i'm probably still not gonna get this game

Brewski0073104d ago

Agree with ya ryu, this is a no brainer.

Still , Im looking forward to it ! :)

gamerzBEreal173104d ago

and i had frosted flakes for breakfast this morning...

Bloodyghost3104d ago

I had Lucky Charms...because there magically delicious.

JeffGUNZ3104d ago

That's like saying there are going to be weapons in the game.

marioPSUC3104d ago

The only reason I really played WaW was for the zombie mode, hell i bought the map packs mainly for the new zombie maps, they'd have to be retards not to add it back in.

Slappy McGee3104d ago

I flew through the campaign on the easiest setting just to unlock Nazi Zombies. I even played all the zombie levels before i even touched the multiplayer part.

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The story is too old to be commented.