Bungie Makes A Killer Announcement Regarding The Master Chief

Gamer Syndrome: Halo fans, rejoice! Bungie has today made an announcement that is sure to make you scream like a little school girl.

During Bungie’s Comic-Con panel, the firm told attendees that:

“You haven’t seen the last of Master Chief.”

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Raoh3006d ago

During Bungie’s Comic-Con panel, the firm told attendees that:

“You haven’t seen the last of Master Chief.”

GreenRingOfLife3006d ago

He is by far one of the most interesting and unique characters in a video game

Reach FTW

RedDragan3006d ago


Nobody actually believed Microsoft would let their cashcow go did they?

SnuggleBandit3006d ago

yes greenring, we know you want some time alone with master chief...just you him and a big tub of petroleum jelly

FURY__UNLEASHED3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

A guy who's face you've never seen who has no personality whatsoever, is "by far one of the most interesting and unique characters in a video game history"?

GTFO! Your trolling is just stupid. Good trolls are subtle and actually believable, but you're just obvious and desperate for attention.

The fact that you still haven't been IP banned just shows how retarded this site's mods are.

D4RkNIKON3006d ago

@RedDragan, what else do they have?

RockmanII73006d ago

You know Gordan Freeman has never said a word or shown any emotions, yet he is still one of the most beloved characters in history.

karl3006d ago

an space marine with a motorcycle helmet ..

that sounds really deep

TheIneffableBob3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Thing about Gordon Freeman is that he is actually you. That's why he's never heard from or shown outside of artwork.

Lich1203006d ago


Gears? Thats a pretty big one.

jerethdagryphon3006d ago

im sorry but how can you call a generic space marine interesting?

not trying to pick a fight or anything but john 117 is as cardboard cutout , enhanced humans ever,

personalitywise its almost nonexistant a few lines indicating hes hard but heck marcus fenix has more personality the the chief....

beans3006d ago

"im sorry but how can you call a generic space marine interesting?"

For me it's the way Halo 1 and the books made me fall in love with Spartan 117. When you hear the music and realize your the last hope it's just touching. My first time playing Metroid 1(the ending), Golden Eye, Half Life, and Turok were all the same. Millions love Halo for a reason even though just like movies (Watchman or whatever) everybody has a different opinion.

BuIIetproofish_3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

If Halo is a cashcow what would one call Mario?

The same with characters like Link or Gordon Freeman.

TheGameFoxJTV3006d ago

Except Valve actually makes Gordon and the other characters interesting. Halo tries, and fails miserably. In halo 3 i wished i could just kill eeryone else so i could get back to killing aliens. And when Johnson got shot by the Monitor, I shot him again because he was taking too long to hand the S'Laser to me. LMAO

Lich1203006d ago


I agree with you there. I've never felt much of anything (cept maybe irritation) for the other characters in Halo. Save for Cortona, I like cortona, but thats it.

dawgsfan1173006d ago

Just curious. How is Halo a cash cow franchise? There have been what 6 games in almost 10 years that carry the Halo name. 1 of which was an FPS and another a spin-off from a different perspective. So a game series that releases a new FPS title every two or more years is a cash cow? He is the Xbox's iconic game character. Of course they want him to live on and so do fans.

What would you call the Mario franchise? Look when they make Master Chief Tennis you can call the Halo series a cash cow.

Oh and for the record I own and enjoy all the current gen systems. I know on N4G you have to make that clear.

Folezicle3006d ago

Would you be upset if Uncharted was cut from Sony. Although Halo sells well, it isn't necessarily Microsoft that are choosing to milk the franchise (excluding Halo ODST and arguably Halo Wars), but more the fact that if they abandoned the franchise, a lot of potential sellers and xbox owners would be in an uproar. Despite this Reach's forge looks interesting (really the only feature that makes me want to get the game) but I think MasterChief is nothing special to other video game characters (Some of Nintendo's characters have been memorable)

Otherwise, why is there an influx of Playstation owners on a Microsoft topic.

Brewski0073005d ago

Surprise surprise....oh wait, no its not!.
Really, master chief is like a little mascot for the xbox franchise now. He'll go where that goes.
Probably a launch title for the next gen xbox console. Damn money milking micro$oft

Tikicobra3005d ago

This is a joke, right? He has no face, he hardly talks, and he has no personality.

Trroy3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

LoL. He is faceless, relationship-less, and all he speaks are one-liners. How is that character?

Darth_Bane793005d ago

This guy is just too much.. Is there really no way to get him banned from posting any comments?? then again he probably has other trolling accounts..

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RedDead3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I'm betting 10 quid that Reach is the planet MC was over. This game will have you playing as other Spartans to see what happened on Reach, they'll all die or something and after a timeskip we will play as MC in the last quarter of the game.

EDIT--Oh and remember. MC doesn't play a part in the battle for Reach on the surface at least. He's only there for a while at the start I think

Spydiggity3006d ago

i think your time line is a little off.

RedDead3006d ago

Yeah that's why theres a timeskip haha MC

IaMs123006d ago

Well he could be right, i mean you can play him in the space missions. or the VERY VERY beginning of Reach where you are sent around on missions taking care of the rebels or whatever.

But it could be what CoD does, jump around playing different parts that all tie in and connect together, the utter destruction of Reach lol

dawgsfan1173006d ago

Anyone who truly knows the Halo series knows that after the occurrences of Halo: Combat Evolved John Spartan 117 returns to reach and the Covenant have left a portion unglassed. They are mining there for an artifact and the Chief goes in to rescue the last of the Spartan IIs that are hidding there. However in Reach we will be playing as the smaller and less indestructible Spartan IIIs so I have no idea how that ties in.

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Anorexorcist3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

He'll continue to get milked like the family cow.

Edit: Why the disagrees? This article alone validates my statement. Oh so what now? Master Chief will indeed receive a grand, honorable retirement ceremony and he'll never be seen again, in any media/entertainment format???

Stupid disagreeing Halo fanboys are even denying what they believe in and crave the most.

RedDead3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

6 games in 9 years is not milked, especially when there is 3 sequels and an expansion. I agree that Halo Wars is just using the name, even though its actually a decent game.

You want milked? Cod is milked. Metal Gear is milked(be glad it is)

Bumpmapping3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Def milked 2 halos in one year that's worst than COD

SOAD3006d ago

Saying that a great game is milked is just a low, mongoloid way of trying to find a fault with it.

The only thing that that you can say against the series is that it has frequent iterations? Boo-fucking-hoo. More to love.

Spydiggity3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

they all love to say halo is a milked franchise and then ignore all the milked IPs on their system. metal gear being a great example of that. but god forbid you say that on n4g...home of the ps3 fanboy.

how many god of wars have wee seen since last gen? i count at least 4. how many GTs? i count at least 4

we've got a 3rd uncharted and a 3rd gears of war coming out in the same gen...nobody is saying they're being milked.

ppl just love to hate on halo cuz, to date, not a single FPS has been able to top its legs. More ppl play Halo 3 at any given time 3 years later than every ps3 exclusive combined. NOBODY plays Killzone 2 online, NOBODY plays Uncharted 2 online. meanwhile...several hundred thousand ppl play halo 3 every day.

it's all unjustified hate...and it's pathetic.

with that said, if MC makes some lame ass cameo in Reach, i'll be very disappointed.

EDIT: wow, 3 disagrees in less than a minute. which means the ps3 fanboys are trolling a 360 exclusive article again. SHOCKING!!!

i guess i should have just said "ps3 is the best system ever and M$ only cares about money. fa fa fooi, fa fa fooi."

EDIT 2: and btw, who cares if we get a new major halo every 2-3 years? it's a great, successful franchise. like any one of you wouldn't keep releasing content for something you know makes tons of money, gets loads of community support, and millions of ppl love to experience. like i said... hypocrites. you don't like? don't buy it, and STFU. not a single person that intends to buy reach is going to be influenced by your pointless, stupid comments.

Sarobi3006d ago

Lol The PC/Cod Fanboys would all be angered at you XD

STICKzophrenic3006d ago

If you think Halo is being milked, then don't click on articles about Halo and Master Chief.

Eric Barrier3006d ago

"2 halos worse than cod" Maybe true. Remember that in 2007 we got 2 Ratchet and Clank titles. In October 09 we got Mario and Luigi which was a cool RPG version of Mario with humor and a neat art style. Then just the next month we got New Super Mario Bros. Wii which was a throwback then just months later we got Super Mario Galaxy 2. All of those games a quality titles. It is possible to have both quality and quantity. From 2002 to 2009 there were 9 Ratchet games. They were all fantastic. Halo is not milked dry. Reach looks like a GOTY contender. All Halo games have been fantastic game. I know what you are thinking but I believe ODST was a superb title but absolutely not worth the ridiculous $60 price-tag. So now can we please stop arguing between franchises, consoles, and what series is more milked than the other and enjoy what we love, video games.

TheIneffableBob3006d ago

I agree with some of the things you said, but...

"ppl just love to hate on halo cuz, to date, not a single FPS has been able to top its legs."
Have you ever heard of Counter-Strike? Millions still play that game daily, and that's not even counting the tens of thousands of cyber cafes that have the game.

Spydiggity3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

yes, i apologize. meant console FPS. good call.

and i realize cod is very popular too. however, it doesn't have the longevity that halo does, which is why they have to release a new cod every keep ppl playing. Halo 3 has stayed this popular for almost 3 years now. COD also has the luxery of appearing on 360, ps3, and pc (and even wii, cell phones, pdas, watches, electric razors, toasters, etc...).

in fact, if anyone should be arguing that any franchise is being milked, it's COD.

@cez of rage (below): i haven't seen some of those. that forge video is awesome. lets see one of those other less "milked" franchises do something like that. lol.

Motorola3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

@Spydiggity How is metal gear milked? It has ONE game on PS3! Two if you count rising! And no1 plays Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2 Online? Your such a fanboy man...I played both of those this week "its all unjustified hate and its pathetic" I cant believe u sed that DID U READ YOUR COMMENT? Cmon man be realistic, Halo is great and games arent always about multiplayer... and there were 3 Metal gears on PS2, all great.....oh and just saying i see more people play MW2 than Halo 3 on PS3....

Shepherd 2143006d ago

Comment #1.3.3 is amazing.

I firmly believe that the Master Chief is retired beyond Halo 3 timeline-wise. We may see more of him in prequels and cameos and such, but Halo 3 is the farthest in the timeline that you will see him i bet.

Spenok3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

LMAO!!!! You are hilarious. MGS being milked? Really? How long ago was it that MGS3 came out? Thats right, 6 years ago. That gives a 2 year cycle inbetween 3 and 4. Yes there have been 2 on PSP, but those are side projects not necessarily meant for the main fanbase.

4 new GoWs? There have only been 2, GoW 3 and GoW PSP. Yes there was GoW collection but thats not new, its re-released with better graphics, 720p HD support, and trophies. Yes there is a new one comming for PSP soon, but to my count thats still 3.

4 new GT's? By my count there seems to be yet again.... wait for it... 2! GT5 prologue, and GT PSP. Yes there is another comming, but thats GT5.

When did they announce a new Uncharted? I didnt hear about that? Oh and when a game has at least a 2 year wait before the next one comes out its not considered milked.

No one plays U2 and Killzone anymore? Ill admit there isnt as many people playing either as much as Halo, but there are more then 10,000 people each day playing both. By my count thats not nobody.

And i hate to burst your bubble, but more people play CoD now then Halo. Oh, and i fully understand this franchise is being milked to the max. With how many systems it releases on its almost impossible for it NOT to be huge. LOL at the toaster comment. xD
And i have to say i dissagree that the game lacks longevity, the ONLY reason they release this game every year is because thats Activisions business model. They only keep franchises they can release yearly. Remember how they dropped Brutal Legends because they didnt think it had the potential to see a yearly release?

Oh and the main reason people say Halo is milked is because since 2007 alone we have seen 3 new Halo games. Halo 3, Halo Wars, Halo ODST. Remember when i said that if theres at least 2 years inbetween games its not milked? Yeah. It being milked is the "main" reason Bungie left Microsoft. They wanted to do something else becides Halo. Yes, they love the franchise, since its there birthchild, but they want to stretch there creative legs and do something new. If they would have stayed with Microsoft they wouldnt have been able to do anything other then Halo.

Its a great franchise, ill be honest. Its a good game that many people love. I personally dont enjoy the game, but thats why its my opinion. At least im willing to admit its a good game. But when we see a Halo EVERY year that is a bit milked no matter how you want to look at it.

When you want to call others fanboy retards who are pathetic look at they way you comment and see that its no very different from what your bi#$hing about.

Rush3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Ok since your a complete tard like any respectable Sony Troll let me ask you 2 simple questions.

1) What came first Halo or SOCOM? A: Halo

2) How many games have been released for either Series? A: Halo 6 SOCOM: 10

Actually since your counting Reach I will have to count SOCOM 4 so it's 11.

Maybe Sony didn't get the memo but that's some massive milking going on there. They see to take a page out of Microsoft book and stop milking there top franchise's.

arm57rong3006d ago

Kratos games: 5
Master Chief games: 3

arm57rong3006d ago

You could count GoW Collection as the ultimate milkfest. New graphics AND trophies!!!! YAY!

Please, Kojima has stooped so low to make a Metal Gear, that isnt really a Metal Gear. Lightning Bolt Action? YAYYYYYYYYY!

Don't get me wrong I'll buy it but still. The fact is that the Halo franchise has been one of the most changing franchises in games. Name me one sequel of any game that isn't milked and exactly the same thing with shinier bells and whistles?

Halo Trilogy-Better graphics, new weapons. You can't change the feeling too much! You are the same character!

ODST-Stealthish FPS

Halo Wars-RTS

They have tried to make Halo fresh, and Reach will be the best of all of them. It's a shame "gamers" probably won't give it a shot because it's halo.

arm57rong3005d ago

MGS 1, 2, 3, 4

Acid 1, 2

Portable Ops, Portable Ops Plus

Peace Walker

9 Metal Gear Games.

RubMyTaco3005d ago

The reason that people think Halo is being milked is that Halo was supposed to end after Halo 3. The marketing and everything was stating that you would finish the fight. Now all of a sudden after Halo 3 was released they're bringing back all kinds of crap just to keep the cashflow going with Halo. The Halo story was done with 3. That's why everyone says it's being milked.

Just stating the obvious.

- Taco

llkrazykatll3005d ago

If there was an xbox handheld console, i'm sure there would be halo games on there as well. Same with gears of war etc... Nintendo does it with mario, zelda, etc... Sony with MGS, GOW, etc... and i'm sure MS would do it.

U2 is not considered milk, because the game isn't close to the same. It is only the second game and the story is brand new, and it added online, which wasn't seen in the first one. There is no talk of a U3 yet, but i'm sure there will be one in a year or two.

MGS is not milked at all when it comes to the main series. The numbers on psp are getting a bit annoying and milked.

GT is not milked at all the last main GT game was made last generation. Don't know what prologue has in it, but the game is far from milked. For a 13 year old series and only 4 main games out so far, GT 5 coming soon, it hasn't been milked really.

Gears of war is the same deal with Uncharted. Doesn't seem milked to me.

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Inside_out3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

It is absolutely insane to me that M$ could let a team like Bungie go. They are easily one of the best developers out there and Halo Reach will be one of the best games ever made.

Look at the forge world and listen to their words...this my friends is how you do it...

If master chief makes an appearance at the end of Reach, it would be great...if you get to run through a level with will be epic.

Here's some more Halo greatness...Here's a look at Halo 1-2-3...

Halo Reach Vidoc...

Halo Reach E3 Demo...incredible...

" The definitive Halo made by the people who created Halo "...5 more weeks to go...

IHateYouFanboys3006d ago

"It is absolutely insane to me that M$ could let a team like Bungie go."

they didnt really have a choice. if an internal team of developers want to leave, you either let them buy their company back off you and maintain a good working relationship, like Microsoft did with Bungie, or you say 'no we're not letting you become independant again' and then watch as the entire team quits and just forms another studio that is 100% independant.

Bungie wanted to be independant again, Microsoft gave them their wish and as a result they still get Halo Reach, and will still get all future Bungie games on their system. theres no bad blood between the 2 companies, which there wouldve been had they refused to sell Bungie back to its employees.

siyrobbo3006d ago


your spot on, MS made the right choice with bungie, look how activision handles infinity ward, it would have beeen awful to end up like that

crzyjackbauer3006d ago

dude look up 343 industries in wikipedia
its main crew is built off bungie veterans so as for halo 4 i am not worried

vhero3006d ago

I think there will a guest appearance of MC in the game or maybe a stupidly overpriced DLC as people will pay it for a character they have never actually seen. As for Bungie them being independent made them only stronger and MS made the right choice there. Reach will be the last Halo game most likely but there will be no doubt plenty of DLC.

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TROLL EATER3006d ago

Surely we will c da greatest hero again.

DelbertGrady3006d ago

To PS3 fanboys he is. They act like The Flood everytime someone mentions his name.

el zorro3006d ago

So true, Soda. It's just sad the way ps3 fanboys hate on Halo. It's so obvious that it is motivated by nothing more than jealousy.

vhero3006d ago

Sony fanboys cant stop crying?? because MC is in reach?? How does this make a difference?? Sure its great for people buying game but it would have sold as many copies with or without him. That comment was just plain idiocracy and shows how immature you are "All Time Greatness". MC means nothing to PS3 fanboys Soda sure some of them probably want halo but it could easily live without MC mainly because he is bland and they could pass off any spartan in a suit as MC mainly because you never see his face.

Odin7773006d ago

Why does everyone think you have to be a Sony fanboy to dislike Halo? I genuinely despise the series (except the first one) and that has nothing do with me owning a PS3. It's just that the series--to me at least--is just tired with little gameplay innovation that an average sequel should have.

Reefskye3006d ago

Agreed Odin777 had to original Halo on Xbox was an ok game nothing major about it that stuck in my head though, only really remember tiny bits from it. Call me a fanboy or whatever but I have more memories from the Original Killzone than I do Halo and I never even finished that! Ended up swapping my xbox for a graphics cards lol.

Every generation I've had all consoles, except this Gen cos i wont pay M$ to play online and I have no interest in the Wii at all So PS3 and PC are what I game on now.

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hybridtheory123006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

lol @360 fanboys getting happy over probable Downloadable costume XD

gcolley3006d ago

lol @ ps3fanboys trolling halo articles. have you run out of PS3 news? get a life

otherZinc3006d ago

The Chief!

Any Master Chief news is Great News!

ShadowCK3006d ago

He's one of my top favourite video game characters ever. So happy he will be making a return. (Hopefully)

Akagi3006d ago

Pretty sure I learned of this after beating H3 on Legendary.

Odin7773006d ago

@ dawgsfan117 How is Halo not a cash cow for Microsoft? I don't think you realize just how much money Microsoft makes on the Halo name alone.

EVILDEAD3603005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

While the mass trolls stumble over each other to hate...the Halo series with the best one to date launching in September remains strong..

Look we all secretely hope that the Spartan shows his face in Reach before the end credits..but it was well known that 343 would take the series forward.

If I was a betting will be released in 2013 for the next Xbox..until then..We ALL know Master Chief survived it safe to say that he will be apart of it in someway..

Bungie is obviously throwing the kitchen sink at the's the classic gamers have been waiting for a looong time

September is the day the gaming EARTH stops in it's tracks..


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HorsePowerr3006d ago ShowReplies(2)
SOAD3006d ago

There should be a scene in a Halo game where we see Master Chief's face.

As for Bungie's announcement, we already know there will be a Halo 4.

Imperator3006d ago

No. Personally, I don't find Master Chief likable, but the fact that we've never seen his face is what makes him more... iconic (I guess). If we see his face, the mystery around him will disappear.