Kratos Is Back God Of War 3 Isn’t Finished Yet More To Come Soon

1. Blu-Ray Game/Movie Bundles Starting In 2011
2. BulletStorm Interview: PC, Console All The Same
3. PS Move Sports Champions Is Super Accurate New Footage
4. HipHopRss – Drake Goes Platinum
And More

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yewles13010d ago

OMG, I forgot it's sunday... *runs*

EeJLP-3010d ago

No thanks on Home integration...

Also, how would people who aren't online advance in the game if they have to go through Home?

Home integration could only work for unlocking an online item. For example a special skin or something.

Get over the HHG hate people.. if you don't like it, don't watch it. It's as simple as that. The belt is completely retarded, but he shows some decent video of games here, conducts interviews, and some good info/speculation. Fact of the matter is, this does contain some news, unlike the cosplay articles, etc.

Rumor3010d ago

and interview.

oh and congratulations to drake :)

Gamerbee3010d ago

of misleading titles..F*CK HIPHOPGAMER.

Motorola3010d ago

once i saw the title I KNEW it was HHG. *facepalm*

Axecution3010d ago

haha yeah same. Only reason i even clicked it was to see if i was right. xD

TrevorPhillips3010d ago

Ones I saw your comment I also did the "facepalm" want to know why, because of the hate you are giving HHG. Either watch the show or don't watch it, it's as simple as that.

MisterNiwa3010d ago

'Ones' right? Go back to school. And take your BBF Hip Hop Gamer with you.

It's actually really pathetic that even the easiest language (english) is too hard for some people.

Kurt Russell3010d ago

Yeah!!! Pick him/her up on a simple typo MisterNiwa!!! That'll make you look big and clever... chump :/

Eamon3009d ago

LOL, this is probably the first time I automatically knew it was HHG.


2 reasons. There are 3 sentences in the title with no punctuation. And the title itself practically screams SPECULATION at you.

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raztad3010d ago

Actually I'm watching the show. There is some very nice footages. Player vs Player in a gladiator match (Sport Champion) and dead nation (looks great).

HopSkotch3010d ago

It seems like the same comments are on his videos every week...

gtamike3009d ago

hip hop gamer show should be in title so we don't click this crap!!!

WLPowell3009d ago

look a few pixels below the title...

intelligence fail

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blade2063010d ago

o here come the haters grab your hateraid and fill your cups

young juice3010d ago

Why dont you just mind your e-business, slickback

CernaML3010d ago

That's a PIMP named Slickback. Say it with me now.

freezola753010d ago Show
FragMnTagM3010d ago

Boondocks is one of my favorite animated shows. The episode where that old man makes a deal with the devil is the shit. I just wish they would make some more episodes as there are not too many of them.

bjornbear3010d ago

I'll hate on you then. everyone hates! hate for everyone! people mismanage the word hate like someone with tourettes syndrome

no one hates HGG or any other meaningless twat, they are just fun to poke fun at (easy) since they pollute this site with misleading titles and

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scofios3010d ago

Are you blade206 from gamesonsmash , if so did you guys stop with the step your game up podcast ?
I'am asking because there hasn't been one for a while now.

freezola753010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

you're wrong and I don't have to prove to you that you and all of these silly ass guys have nothing better to do than to come on here and say the foulest shit about HHG when he puts an article out.. talking about you're pokin fun lolol with all the fucked up ass racist BS y'all say every week. I'm glad that he doesn't really let this soft ass shit get to him. Funny thing is, you stupid little peons don't realize that he is doing all this shit for all of us and EVEN for you punk ass, fake ass ppl posing as gamers. Guess if he doesn't look like you then he is irrelevant huh? Suckas... keyboard killers... wi fi thugs.. Bleh

cjflora3010d ago

Title punctuation fail.

bjornbear3010d ago

Article, Submitter Author and Follower fails.

this guy is never going to improve if people do give him criticism, but all his "fans" just praise him blindly

yaaaay -_-

RonXD3010d ago

Looked at the title and already knew it was HHG >_>...Let's see what he's blabbering about this week.

TrevorPhillips3010d ago

As I usually say to the haters, either watch the show or don't.

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