DC Universe Online to Release Nov. 2

Kotaku: At Comic-Con yesterday, after showing that epic six-minute trailer setting up the game's story, the eminent artist and writer Jim Lee said that DC Universe Online will launch on Nov. 2.

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Motorola3008d ago

GT5 release date as well....wonder which one will overshadow which...

N4GAddict3008d ago

Two different types of games though

Montrealien3008d ago

wow, so GT5 and DC Universe on my birthday, lucky me! :)

ForzaGT3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

add LBP 2 with PS Move Support to that, great finish to the year for sony

Figboy3007d ago

as much as i'm amazed by GT5, i'm not a big racing game fan, so i won't be buying GT5.

i AM a big comic book fan, and i need my superhero fix while i eagerly await inFAMOUS 2.

i'm not too big on the monthly fee for DCUO, but i did really enjoy what i played at E3, and if i get in the Beta, at least i'll be able to see more of the game and if it warrants a full on purchase in November.

not every game is meant for every gamer. doesn't mean the quality of games like GT5 is poor because i'm not interested.

i never got how some people on forums can get so irate with another gamer for not liking the same exact games that they do.

hell, i think Final Fantasy XIII is a very good RPG. others don't agree. that's perfectly fine.

GT5 will more than likely outshine DCUO when it comes to sales, but not everybody buying GT5 were interested in DCUO, and vice versa.

dizzleK3008d ago

have they confirmed a subscription price for this yet?

this fall looks pretty dead for me so far so i'll probably check it out, if only to support console mmos.

despair3008d ago

its $15 a month confirmed and actually this fall has some great games(depending on what you like) but this is definitely one to look out for.

N4GAddict3008d ago

The first month is free I think

Myze3008d ago

Well, first month is included in the price of the game, as with all subscription MMOs. Heh, I wonder how pissed off people would be if they made you pay the $60 for the game, then another $15 on top of that just to try the game out.

blasian3008d ago

GT5, LBP2 and now this.. They are really trying to cram in everthing for xmas. Fine with me that xmas break will be put to good use.

rdgneoz33007d ago

God, the price of GT5 and LBP2 collector editions and then DC... My wallet will cry, but I'll be happy :P

spunnups3008d ago

Those damn fees. I'd rather them just charge for extra costumes or something rather than be obligated to pay $15 a month. That's going to add up quickly to one expensive game and during a time when there's going to be a ton of other options.

silvacrest3008d ago

micro transaction can be worse depending on what is for sales

im going buy what someone else said not long ago, at least with a monthly fee everyone is equal

rdgneoz33007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Micro transactions are worse. At least 15 a month is 1 game every 4 months. PC gamers who have played MMOs understand the costs (how many millions of people play wow and spend 15 a month on it?).
Micro transactions I find can ruin the experience. They wouldn't charge for just costumes, and if they did, that's gear with sweet stats (no one would but crappy gear with sub par stats on it) that you'd collect as you play through. So the crazy people who want to spend more money to get gear faster or level up faster (many free-to-play games with micro transactions in it sell experience boost items) would be at an advantage over others, and seeing how it'll have PvP in it, who do you think would be winning games?
At least with a monthly fee, everyone is on equal footing. I'm just hoping that they use the money to provide constant updates / fine tuning and that PS+ might reduce the monthly fee a bit (5 off a month?).

ChronoJoe3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

GT5, LBP, Call of Duty Black Ops, Crysis 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Max Payne 3 and Driver sceduled for the same month as DCUO.

Not that they're in direct competition, just an observation. ^_^ I'ma get DCUO, and all those aside Max Payne.

Incase anyone missed it, you can sign up for the beta here. http://www.dcuniverseonline...

If you wana make sure you get in, sign up with lots of accounts, but make sure if you get multiple codes - you give the extra codes you get away.

xX TriiCKy Xx3008d ago

Yeah out of that list, I'm grabbing Black Ops, NFS:HP, and I might snag Driver in the months after its release. I've never played the first LBP, so I'll buy that before I get the 2ns. As for GT5 and Driver, I don't usually buy driving/racing games until a while after release.

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