Mass Effect 2 getting new weapon pack before Shadow Broker

Lee assured fans that while the guns would be sold apart from the newly announced content, "Lair of the Shadow Broker does, however, contain some *really* cool stuff we haven't revealed yet." We're assuming he's talking about a hideous race of space monsters that can only be killed using ... these new, purchasable guns! Then again, our hearts are cold and calloused.

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Charmers3010d ago

I haven't noticed much talk about the shadowbroker DLC. However I want to make Xbox and PC users aware that the shadow broker DLC will not be available in 4 territories. These 4 territories are Poland, Hungary, Czech and Slovenia so if you have one of those native copies you will not get this DLC.

This was posted by Micheal Gamble one of the developers :-

"I wanted to give a bit more insight into the Polish, Czech and Hungarian builds for our fans.

Believe me, we tried to make it work for these languages. DA was able to release English DLC for these localized versions of the game, but that isn't the case for us. On the Mass Effect side, it isn't as simple. By allowing the players of these versions to use the English DLC, there would be large scale changes to the main-game player experience. We didn't want to sacrifice the quality of the main game, and tried to work around this in various ways. In the end, unfortunately, we were unable to come to a solution which allowed us to release this content in these territories and keep the same level of quality from the main game.

I'd like to personally apologize to anyone in these regions who are dissapointed, and please know that it wasn't an easy decision to make.

You can find the message somewhere in this mess :-

Naturally a lot of people are NOT happy about this.

thelifatree3010d ago

Is that he's basically saying, the amount of work needed to rework the DLC is not worht the amount of sales they'd get. Which will piss fans in those regions off, but it doesn't make business sense if they lose money in those regions because of it.

I dunno.

Charmers3010d ago

It is my understanding that only the Polish version has a dubbed spoken sound track. The other versions are just English spoken dialogue and native subtitles for each region.

There is definitely something very strange about this. People that are affected by this issue are even saying "fine release the DLC without any regional localisation" but Bioware are refusing to do that stating "quality issues".

At any rate this is putting a real damper on what could have been some incredibly exciting DLC. I know Liara was one of my favourite characters in the game but this whole issue is overshadowing everything.

Myst3010d ago

They can release whatever they want before it, I have the paitence to wait while BioWare does their thing. Currently thinking of restarting the whole game again after Lair is released and simply running through every DLC portion again.

m233010d ago

I just got done with the Overlord DLC, and it blew me away by the end. That is how DLC missions should be done. Bioware is really supporting ME2, and it's awesome. Does anyone know when Shadow Broker will be released?

Darkfiber3010d ago

Agreed, Overlord was amazing, easily one of the best, if not the best mission in the game. The only dumb DLC so far has been the costumes, everything else has been worth it. Wish it was $5 instead of $7 though, especially for Kasumi, but whatever, it's still good.

Myst3010d ago

I have yet to finish Overlord, but probably will today when it becomes later in the day.

@Darkfiber: Yeah for what is offered for Kasumi I would have agreed on five to. Then again you can use that character anytime so I suppose it's okay.

3010d ago