Welcome Back Cole, The Real Cole Right?

With the recent news from Comic-Con that Sucker Punch would be changing their new look Cole back to the bald headed beast we’ve come to love Gameolosophy's Samoon couldn’t be happier. Wise choice indeed.

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Faztkiller3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Even though playing an almost completely new character would have been weird.
I think Sucker Punch should have stayed with the new Cole there's time's when Dev's shouldn't listen to their fans SP obviously thought Cole needed a change and where passionate about the new look and the more passion the greater the game. Plus IMO the new Cole matched to new setting better.

samoon3005d ago

I'm happy they are making the new cole as close to the old cole as possible. It doesn't seem right to change him so much from the first game.

morganfell3005d ago

@samoon, agreed. Now if they just get the original voice actor back they will have repaired matters.

SoapShoes3005d ago

No... The original voice actor can't act... That would mean a huge step back with no mo-capped cutscenes...

IcarusOne3005d ago

You think voice actors and mo-cap actors are always the same person? Aww, that's cute.

I have no problem with the original Cole.

blusoops3005d ago

They are not always the same person, but usually the best performances are mo-capped and voice acted at the same time, by the same actor...(i.e. Nolan North = Nathan Drake)

HDgamer3005d ago

Not all games especially this gen games have mo cop.

SoapShoes3004d ago

@IcarusOne.... That was the reason they got a new V/A in the first place.

morganfell3004d ago

Character ranks over the small degree of advantage from a mocap VO. And I don't think the guy will be jumping from buildings anyway.

Chubear3004d ago

in viewing the comments on this topic, it would seem there are a lot of gay gamers on N4g... a lot. I don't mean that in a derogatory manner, I mean it in all seriousness.

A lot of gamers on here really wanted that new cole look really bad and I can see why now. Oh well, sucks for you lot. We get ol cole back and you're just going to have to deal w/ not playing as a gay looking metrosexual Xter.

... now if we could just get that teenaged girly voice out and rough neck ol cole VA back - PERFECTO!

akiraburn3004d ago

I agree with Morgan and Samoon. I didn't hate the new Cole, but I also wasn't a big fan of it. To me, it just didn't seem to make sense to change him completely, and still call the character by the same name. Had it been someone different, I doubt people would have minded as much, but changing an already established character to fit a certain demographic seemed... well wrong. It also didn't make sense to redesign a character that much when over one million people purchased the original, and came to really like the original Cole that they crafted for us. Numbers alone there should have told them that the original Cole was awesome.

And @Estranged, they could keep the current voice actor for the acting and motion capture portion, and only use him for that, while getting the original voice actor to record dialogue. The motion captured cut-scenes wouldn't suffer at all, because they have specialized software that will sync the mouth movements with the speech of an audio file. I'm hopeful that they go that route, and we'd get the best of both worlds.

Hoje03083004d ago

Next time you might want to know what you're talking about before you develop a condescending attitude towards others.
On topic: I can't wait until this issue goes away. It's time to focus on the game itself. Having said that, I'm glad they're bringing back a character design that more closely resembles the old Cole.

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Natsu X FairyTail3005d ago

Obviously both cole'S are going to be in it.

Hyperguy203005d ago

First everyone wants him to look like he did in the first. The dev's listened and now he does.

Now people are complaining the dev's shouldn't have listened and want the new cole back!


Faztkiller3005d ago

I've always liked the new Cole and I don't really care what he looks like great game either way. I just fell if Sucker Punch liked the new look then they should have kept it. IMO

IcarusOne3005d ago

I think it's cool that Sucker Punch wants to keep the fans happy.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x3005d ago

What fans are you talking about? I think this game created more fans with the new Cole (for instance me) and then disappointed when they took him out.

IcarusOne3005d ago

I think you're speaking for yourself. The fact that the game is getting a sequel sort of speaks to the fact that there are fans.

Hoje03083004d ago

I think he meant the people that actually played and enjoyed the first game.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x3004d ago

Do I have to mention all the bad games that have sequels? Saints Row, Godfather, Kane & Lynch, all the countless Mortal Kombat games after 3 (hopefully MK9 breaks that chain), & many more games!

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Gamer_Z3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Just tune those people out.

karl3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

well i was one of the first on hate the new cole design ....

but after a while i came to accept it.. and after listening to the devs talking about a cole that fit the new city.. i was convinced that it was the right choice...

now im not sure the old cole will fit the game since it was made around another character... (new cole)

this isnt a big problem though.. it will still be an awesome game as everyone is saying.. just a detail

EDIT: hope its a mix between the two designs.. old and new one =)

Heisenberg3005d ago

That changing Cole physically into a new person, but asking us to accept that it's the same Cole we know and love, no questions asked is a risky and senseless move. Maybe if people hated the original, but they didn't they loved the game and Cole, and of coarse there were the inevitable whiners, but no reason to make a drastic and confusing change like they did. In the end, I'm glad they changed him back, as I believe changing him in the first place went against their original vision simply to cash in on the Nathan Drake appeal.

When you have an amazing game like inFamous, and it's great enough and well received enough to justify green lighting a sequel and likely more, it means people liked the main character, the star of the show, don't mess with that, it wasn't broken, so don't try to fix it.

Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Kudos to Sucker Punch for caring enough though to go to such measures to ensure they have the best game for the fans as possible, for better or worse, they clearly give a shit.

ThanatosDMC3004d ago

Most of the people that want the new metro looking Cole are people that never played the game.

People that do want the screwed up psychopathic crazy lunatic are the ones that actually bought and played the game. Gotta love his sanity... voices in his head and random images of gigantic enemies... this guy needs serious rehab but damn he can fart lightning so im cool with him.

Spenok3004d ago

Only so true. I enjoyed the old Cole. He was mysterious, eerie, and had a good voice. The new one was also cool. I think i would end up likeing him more in the long haul if i had gotten to play through #2 entirely with the new look. Now it doesnt look like i get that chance. Never the less though, we do still get to keep his new voice i guess. This should be interesting. Either to way to be honest ill be happy. Infamous is a great game, and 2 is only looking better then that.

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Kick The Ass3005d ago

I'm glad to have the old Cole back, I really am.
But man oh man, am I feeling for that voice actor guy who just got dumped, so we bastards could get badass Cole back...

I'd be pissed if I were him :P

karl3005d ago

maybe theyll give him another rol ..

like some pedestrian for some side quest... haha poor guy that would suck even more..

gtamike3005d ago

Have I missed something? we get the old voice actor back to?

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