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The first thing that will strike you about PlayDead’s puzzler, LIMBO, is the visual style. LIMBO is a black and white game, which may seem simple, but it makes the game incredibly atmospheric and dark. The black and white style extends further than just plain old black and white though, your main path is dark black, while items in the foreground and background and light black and grey which give the environment a sense of depth and guides you through the treacherous world of LIMBO in order to find your sister. The protagonist of the game isn’t complex either, a black body with bright white eyes. And yet, you care for him, you want him to find his sister and you want to guide him there. It’s a simple and basic story, and yet it’s one of the great elements of LIMBO.

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etownone3104d ago

Yeah, was awesome IMO too till I got stuck.

How'd you pass the water when all you had was a box? I tried movin the box, standing on it... anyways... I'm just stuck.

benny o klaatt3104d ago

drag the box left to under the tree with the rope on hanging from it

nikoado3104d ago

*slight spoilers*

There are a lot of parts similar to that in the game so I don't know which one you're at.

Are you able to slide a platform to side to create an opening for the box to rise through?

Maybe wait about and an object will float up that you can then jump on and get to the next ledge.

Hope this helps :)

etownone3104d ago

Hmmm .... thanks but I'm probably talking about a real simple part in the beginning. You jump down a ledge, there's a box right before a small pond of water. I push the box to the water and it just floats in one spot. All it let's me do is stand on it, everytime I try something, I just drown.

darkequitus3104d ago

I am stuck at the hotel sign - keep getting fried. I only tried it a few times before going to work.

JOLLY13104d ago

pull the box backwards. goto the tree with the vine hanging down.

nikoado3104d ago

@ darkequitus

You just have to time that part right.

It's very tight though so you almost need to be in mid air when the electricity switches off.

Such an awesome game and surprisingly gory/grim.

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PSfan093104d ago

woah, a 10, that maybe too high, a 9 is good, even 9.5, but a 10?
just my 2 cents

coolbeans3104d ago

You would know this how (in lamens terms, have you played the game)? Around 5-10 metacritics have given it a 10 already.

SOAD3104d ago

Nevertheless, some review sites are too loose with their scoring. I don't think any game deserves a 10. There just isn't a such thing as a perfect game.

How could there not be a single thing wrong with a game?

A 9 is a respectable score. I also think that reviewers should go back to being a little more harsh with their reviews. I'm tired of seeing 10 or 12 games a year with 9s and 10s.

MeatAbstract3104d ago

A 10 doesn't necessarily make it 'perfect'. I'd say it would make the game 'exceptional'. It does seem like a pretty unique title, using the old platform system with an interesting art look.

Seems like its getting so many high scores because, well, it must be really enjoyable. Its cheaper then a retail, sounds pretty challenging and doesn't overstay its welcome.

Although my opinions are redundent since I have yet to play which I plan to do soon.

mrcash3104d ago

thats exactly how i felt about uncharted2...

PSfan093104d ago

alright guys have fun playing your limbo, just an FYI, there is a free flash game of it. 15 dollars well spent

Sebianoti3104d ago

I don't know what you are playing at comparing Flash games onto proper Xbox Live Arcade titles...

VINNIEPAZ3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

PSfan09 just give it a rest fanboy. If you have no intention of saying anything positive then why the f#@* you bother coming to the Xbox side of the site? Click on the PS3 section and go live in your lil PS3 world. Dont you have some "girls" to talk to on HOME?

demonddel3104d ago

maybe MS pay them "sike"

PSfan093104d ago

ive never even heard of this site in my life but its a great game no doubt about it but does it really deserve all the top scores, i mean this is one of the top xbox 360 games to come out this year (by score)

HarryMonogenis3104d ago

Please, your username is kind of a giveaway so just stop it..

ActionBastard3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

This generation has killed what a 10/10 really is. No game is perfect, simple as that.

EDIT: No worries SOAD. And I completely agree with you.

SOAD3104d ago

Woops, I accidentally clicked disagree. I agree with the statement. Reviewers are really lenient nowadays. They want to get swag and review codes earlier so they show the publishers that they're easily impressed.

Sebianoti3104d ago

SOAD, first of all. Gamenoob is co-founded by me and i can tell you that
most of our reviews come from games WE buy. We don't get many review codes...

SOAD3104d ago

Well I'm not specifically referring to you but to reviewers in general. It's no secret that many high profile review sites are so entwined with publishers that they often receive some form of compensation from said publishers either before or after they review their games. IGN received a shit load of swag from Take 2 during the time they were reviewing Grand Theft Auto IV.

Either way, I stand by my statement that reviewers are handing out 9s and 10s like lollipops.

cooperdnizzle3104d ago

Great game beat it the other night.. Thought it was a breath of fresh air. That being said, i would not give it a 10 out of 10. 9 OUT OF 10 is what i would give it but that's just me

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