Which Shooter Will Wear The Mushroom Crown This Fall?

RespawnAction talks about the battle of FPS games that takes place this fall on the Wii, and discusses which one will come out on top.

RespawnAction ends by saying, "Am I wrong? What do you think about this? Clearly there is a lot of competition on the Wii this year, so what shooter do you think will be a victor among noobs?"

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CoffeewithChess3006d ago

this will depend on how much advertising Goldeneye gets, as even the other games.

ATLGAMER3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Just for the simple fact it looks atrocious wont win..

And im going with Bad company two or MAG

next year it will be killzone 3 or some sony exclusive like it has been for the last few years...

GOTY will be LBp2

distorted_reality3006d ago

I didn't realise those games were coming out on Wii.........

Really, reading an article before commenting isn't difficult.

HDgamer3006d ago

lol anyone who has played golden eye wouldn't give a damn about the graphics. It could look like the n64 game or worse the gameplay is still better than most shooters to date.

SpoonyRedMage3006d ago

I actually think Goldeneye will come out on top of the Wii version of Black Ops(but obviously not over all) because it has the benefit of being exclusive whilst Black Ops isn't.

I think Conduit 2 will do worse than the first regardless of quality. People were burnt by the first one and it has both direct(Black Ops, Goldeneye) and indirect(Halo Reach) competition.

respawnaction3006d ago

Not a bad theory at all sir, The Conduit part makes sense.

EvilTwin3006d ago

I think it's a toss up between GE and COD. Treyarch has been getting better with each iteration of COD on Wii, and Eurocom did put out a decent game with DS:E. Con2 looks promising, but HVS has yet to deliver on the other developer's level.

BuIIetproofish_3006d ago

Halo: Reach this year, Killzone 3 next.

BornToKill3006d ago


can't wait for halo reach and killzone 3.

i'm buying one of those new 4gb xbox to play reach

does anyone know if you can use any type of flash drive with the xbox 360 slim or does it have to be the official xbox one?

mrcash3006d ago

I suggest you use sandisk, i've heard that some other brands don't always work.. I'm using and 8gb on mine works just fine.

Foxgod3006d ago

Next year will also have Gears3, if you count popularity, then gears3 will take the crown next year.

Spenok3005d ago

You never know. There is still CoD. And MANY others, such as Vanquish and Quantum Theory etc etc.

Bloodyghost3006d ago

I mean you got Halo Reach, Crysis 2, RAGE, Deus Ex Human Revoultion, Bulletstorm, the Great Killzone 3, Call of Duty Black Ops (a little mixed with this one).

How great is gaming? and how great is it to have such great IPs coming out.

RockmanII73006d ago

Don't forget about Brink, that game is what I want from a Mirrors Edge sequel.

writersblock3006d ago

Theres those 7 games right there that will add up to almost 300 dollars. And apparantly I need a 3D TV now too



HopSkotch3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Only Wii Shooter i can think of

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