Contra is Back,BlazBlue Style!-Hard Corps: Uprising at SDCC '10

RespawnAction says, "Okay, so Hard Corps: Uprising has been announced for a little while now, but for those of you who don't know what the game is all about, it's like this--A rebirth of the classic side-scrolling shooter Contra, but all HD'd out! And if you want to know why I said this game is Contra with the BlazBlue style, that's because that is exactly what Hard Corps is, heard straight from the mouth of producer Kenji Yamamoto at this years Comic Con."

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CoffeewithChess3011d ago

played a Contra game in a long while. Easily 10+ years.

respawnaction3011d ago

Well it seems like this is a great time to hop back in :)

Baka-akaB3011d ago

See konami ? that's how you do a proper xbl/psn Castlevania

Gen0ne3011d ago

Not since the SNES version took over my life. I beat that bad boy on hard without dying once. It took me 4 months to do it though. Contra has sucked ever since. Glad to see someone wants to do it right.

asyouburn3011d ago

phenomenal. you can find it real cheap

spooky2053011d ago

oringal titles. However it kinda irks me that the spread gun seems nerfed.

Spenok3010d ago

I know what you mean. You cant judge before its released, and you have played it though.

Ult iMate3011d ago

What's so "Hard Corps" about this Contra? Hard Corps was all about bosses, bosses, bosses. And then some more transforming bosses with many phases to fight.
And also there were that choises of way to go with different stages and five different endings.

So far it's a cool looking classic Contra game. But not a Hard Corps sequel.

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