3D - some facts you might not know

3D is already available.

The guys at round up a few facts about the third dimension based on official informations (e.g. from the manufacturers) you might not know yet.

By the way: I'm sorry for the confusing translation by Google.
If you got still any questions, feel free to ask.

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germandude3189d ago

thx for the details, great article!

Theonetheonly3189d ago

to mention the fact that its been around for quite a while.


your eyes do it :)

two eyes two cams.

bam f^%kin 3D!!

Tailor-DKS3189d ago

yea totally agree, nice! 3D is just too expensive and unnecessary!

jjesso19933189d ago

totally disagree its to expensive for you for others it's not And to say its unnecessary is stupid I played just under grand for by Samsung 40'' 3dtv and 3 glasses and love playing games in 3d and cant wait to there's more blu rays in 3d

BBAM3189d ago

Don't be so subjective.

asyouburn3189d ago

aren't exactly "necessary" either. just fun.

redsquad3189d ago

Gaming in general is "unecessary", but it's still fun and you pay to do it.

clank5433189d ago

It's just too expensive right now. I'm going to wait for 3Dtvs without glasses (they were at CES) and for the price to drop! I can't wait to try it, though. There's just no huge urgency to get it.

IcarusOne3189d ago

Waiting for the prices to drop. But even more importantly, waiting for a standard to be implemented. And that will only happen once broadcasters get into the mix. What's the point in buying a TV if the format changes 3 years down the road.

DJMarty3188d ago

Ther is a 3d standard, it's a HDMI 1.3/1.4 capable device.

Cecker3189d ago

I will wait and observe the hole things!

Sneak-Out3189d ago

3d is cool, but too expansive at the moment ..

koh3189d ago

expansive is probably a good thing with games, expensive is usually not.

BBAM3189d ago

If you have to wait until christmas to get what you want...

Spenok3188d ago

It is nice, im looking forward to getting me a new TV to enjoy my games/movies in 3D. Probably around the time Killzone 3 is when ill make the jump.

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The story is too old to be commented.