RoboGay: Kratos is the God of Fashion

According to the new Gaydar plugin that RoboAwesome’s crack team of software engineers has developed, a vast majority of our visitors are heterosexual men. Despite this fact (which I just made up), I feel it is my duty as a blatantly homosexual video game fiend to push this site’s content just slightly into the realm of rainbows and glitter.

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knight6263006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

some drag queen dress so dumb people compare them to a video game character....double dumb

morganfell3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Agreed. And an equally idiotic website with an even more laughable attempt at journalism.

Moduserous3006d ago

Not journalism or breaking news - a feature or editorial.
Your Criticism = Rrrrretardation!

morganfell3006d ago

What's the matter? Did someone hurt your feelings over your ridiculous trash website that will sink into oblivion?

And your spelling of retardation for emphasis = retarded.

WIIIS13006d ago

Lol! Check out that reflex vehemence! Seems like someone's very anxious to lock himself in the closet and throw away the key.

Gandalf3006d ago

Guess this guy forgot what the setting of the game was.

ElementX3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Actually, in ancient Greece homosexual relationships between old men and teenage boys were common.

Try reading history before you say "guess this guy forgot what the setting of the game was". Truth is, in the time period of the game, old men slept with young boys.

Myze3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Not to get overly critical or pedantic, but the game takes place clearly at the end of Greek rule (after all, a big part of GoW3 is the fall of the Greek gods), when that practice was not common at all. Either way, the freak in this story is obviously not a teenage boy, and Kratos would be far more likely to cut his head off.

Also, regardless of what life was like for fat upper-class grape-eating pedo's in that era, this story is still unbelievably stupid.

Moduserous3006d ago

LoL - the article doesn't call Kratos' sexuality into question.

Although in a pinch I'm sure Kratos would do such a thing - given his heritage...

evrfighter3006d ago

well he did kill his wife...and pandora did sorta look like a boy...

just sayin

Darkstorn3006d ago

Interestingly enough, homosexuality was much more common among Spartans than Athenians, even though in the film 300 Leonidas refers to the Athenians as boy-lovers (just goes to show how factually inaccurate that movie was).

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DelbertGrady3006d ago

Kratos resides in the most openly sexual setting you can find. It would be awesome if they outed Kratos as a bi-sexual pedophile in the next game. And true to history in some sense.

Ocelot5253006d ago

what's this garbage doing on N4G?

Belasco3006d ago

Are you seriously asking why garbage is on N4G?

Ocelot5253006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

point, but the presence of this article proves that the quality filter is useless

Belasco3006d ago

I think the one on the left is far gayer.

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