Realism in Games? Be Realistic!

Gavin Lowe of Game Kudos writes an article about realism in gaming, how it's essentially broken, and why it's not what gamers want:

"Take for example the hugely popular Modern Warfare 2. Many gamers would agree that it was a very realistic shooter. Excellent graphics, modern, accurately rendered weapons and absorbing gameplay, all of which lead to the argument that it is very realistic. But is it? I would argue no.

the case of the single player game, despite the accurate physics and the detailed aesthetics, regardless of how much I enjoyed the game, not once during my experience of it did I feel in danger. I was not in fear of my life and was willing to take enormous risks regularly to progress the game. That is not realistic. The “Army Of One” concept can only go so far. What are the odds of engaging literally hundreds of armed, well trained enemies and coming out unscathed whilst their corpses lie in piles tens high? It simply isn’t feasible."

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hamoor3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

A lil bit realism is not bad..because we don't want soldiers in a modern combat game to run 40 mile per hour and knife their enemy from afar....oh wait!!!
Gemme a break! Who thinks that mw2 is realistic???
Bc2 is true example of a (a little bit realistic) game..sure its not a war simulator but if it was it'll be boring

HarryMonogenis3006d ago

..Whenever someone calls Modern Warfare 2 a "truly realistic war game", I simply tell them to go and look at Bad Company 2. :P

SeanRL3006d ago

It's almost impossible to recreate events in a video game and get them to play out realistically when you have humans involved. As long as we know that we can't get hurt, what's stopping us from running into a room and trying to take on 4 guys. An XP penalty, maybe a bad K/D ratio? The best way to do it is to incorporate some realistic elements into the gameplay and hope that people use them.

CoffeewithChess3006d ago

some of the games, at least in Call of Duty: World at War, they attempted "realism" by causing you to die extremely fast on the harder difficulty settings.

While it's more "realistic", I would think most gamers wouldn't try it past the first few stages; due to the amount of times it would take to complete the levels.

TehChef3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

As long as it isn't broken.