CV Reveals Darkness 2 In The Works At Digital Extremes

The CV of an Environment Artist has revealed multiple titles that are currently in development at Digital Extremes, one being Darkness 2.

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Seijoru3060d ago

Awesome! The first one completely fell under the radar of a lot of people.

mjolliffe3060d ago

I remember a year or two ago when there was a tonne of speculation about a sequel in development.

I've definitely been hoping for it. The first one was pretty good. The only thing I'm wary about is the fact it's being developed at a different studio...

Reibooi3060d ago

The first Darkness is easily one of the most overlooked gems of this generation. It was a top notch game and had a awesome story and some really cool mechanics that made it much more then your average shooter. In my opinion there should have already been a sequel out but i'll take a late sequel over no sequel at all.

Just hope it gets here soon.

Baka-akaB3060d ago

I've with you there , it was a great title , and the best comics book adaptation till Batman arkham asylum .

Blaze9293060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

The Darkness is an AMAZING game. Finally glad to see some news about a sequel although I'm a little worried about the development studio shift. Hopefully Digital Extremes can nail it like Starbreeze did the original or even better than the original. Besides the multiplayer, there was really nothing wrong with that game at all.

I cannot wait. In fact, I'm off to go play the original again.

Ocelot5253060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

dunno if the development studio is bad cuz maybe the ps3 version isgoing to be 720p now instead of the 576p upscaled to 1080p

raztad3060d ago


I havent played the game, only the demo. The shooting mechanics didnt convinced me + the visuals on the PS3 are just decent. However I'm gonna buy it and give it a real try, off your comment.

DecoyOctopus3060d ago

Human flesh festers......FEED US!!!

The Darkness was amazing! sure some of the gameplay was a bit clunky but the story the characters, athomspehere, design, voice acting & immersion was incredible! i loved that game so dark and gritty story but im skeptical if digital extremes can pull off the sequel because Starbreeze makes very special atmospheric games

BattleAxe3060d ago

I loved the first one, except the World War 1 levels which I didn't enjoy playing. Hopefully they can capture that dark, gritty, grimey New York feel again.

nycredude3060d ago

THis is great news! I still have the first one. I though it was a great gme that went under the radar!

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gameseveryday3060d ago

Seriously great news. Loved the first of the most under rated shooters of 2007 if not this generation.

DA_SHREDDER3060d ago

What are you guys smokin? I want some.

prettyboy13060d ago

if u played it u would kno

NYC_Gamer3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

you guys do know that everyone has diff taste?hes allowed to have his own opinion...why get all defensive

Reibooi3060d ago


Yeah everyone is entitled to an opinion but he didn't have one he is basically trolling. Stating he didn't like he game and a good reason why would be totally fine and acceptable but running and saying "What are you guys smokin" is trolling simple as that.

Kingdom Come3060d ago

You persistently insist on Trolling and don't even make the effort to hide the fact, please, let's put a stop to being immature, although, come to think of it, you are probably just some 10 Year old kid looking for attention...

Studio-YaMi3060d ago

Can't wait to hear more about this,this is actually good news to me :D <3

NYC_Gamer3060d ago

i thought the first game was just average and nothing special

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