Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Killzone 2

Games That Nobody Plays Anymore is a weekly series written by Nathan Hardisty with a little title card help from Juan Houter. It's an on-going series about the forgotten games of yesteryear, and doesn't totally reflect the title. Remember; nobody stops playing these games; it's just a title:

"Killzone 2 is a game about shooting people, and harming people, what else are videogames about? What else have we been doing these past few decades but killing things, squashing things (I might touch on this someday – yay tease). It’s set in space and against some aliens or something called the Helghast who want to kill things. The original Killzone is engraved in my mind not for sheer deprived quality or the direct opposite, but for annoying me enough to stop playing. There is one level in which the level design is so terrible, so monotonous that I just gave up entirely."

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SupaGamer3101d ago

Great game! I still play the multiplayer every couple weeks.

MariaHelFutura3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Haha. Currently I`m playing Mass Effect 2 and Killzone 2. I`m enjoying Killzone`s 2 campaign more now than the first few times I played it.

-Alpha3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I finally beat the game not too long ago. Was always stuck with Radec in the last mission. Unfortunately I beat it on easy or medium, and I feel like I cheated because I played the rest of the game on hard.

FlipMode3101d ago

True, lets hope more people stay on in KZ3.

Myze3101d ago

heh, don't feel bad, Radec is very hard on the hardest setting. It's as much about luck as it is about skill. Well, luck as in, you don't mess up through the entire fight at all.

karl3101d ago

it happens the same to me..

for some reason the first time that i played killzone 2 i did find it boring..

somehow during my second playtrough i found the game much more entertaining ... go figure

the mp was always awesome from the first day though

Big Frank3101d ago

I wonder why so many people play Halo even to this day while after a few months everyone stopped playing KZ2?

Please for the love of god don't post replies such as "cuz ze crapbox has no gamezzz!"

captain-obvious3101d ago

no one plays Killzone 2 ???
WTF ??

secksi-killer3101d ago

is for me, one of the best online multi-player games to date! although it had its flaws(which game doesnt?), it is still a great game.

nowadays bad company2 is the on-line shooter for me, but kz2 still features on my playlist.

i love the controls, and kick arse using a wired 360 pad with the xbattle adaptor!

i cant wait for killzone 3

D4RkNIKON3101d ago

Yeah I recently played through the KZ2 campaign again and I play the Multiplayer every other day. I am still playing, I admit that I stopped playing for a while but since the news of KZ3 I started playing again to get myself pumped for the new one. The graphics are still some of the best on console shooters to date.

Ju3101d ago

Beat it 3 times or so. But never on Elite. Radec palace has 3 sections. I made it to the first save point, but that's it. I will beat him on Elite some times...some times...

Gawdl3y3101d ago

Err... I just played the damn game yesterday, and when searching for a game without filters, I got over 30 matches running. So the whole, "Nobody plays KZ2 anymore"... yeah, that's not correct.

kneon3101d ago


There a lot more active games now that there were about 6 months ago. For some reason it's picked up steam lately, maybe it's the KZ3 news.

The only reason I don't play it more often is that I have such a backlog of other games to get through. I was making some headway but there have been so many great sales lately that I'm further behind than ever.

Conloles3101d ago Show
cheetah3101d ago

I am loving KZ2 more on my second playthrough also. Maybe without the huge expectations you just enjoy it for what it is....a great game.

BannedForNineYears3101d ago

[email protected]
I beat the game on the hardest difficulty. The last mission is insanely hard. xD
It's harder than the whole WaW campaign on Veteran.

ReservoirDog3163100d ago

Actually I just finished it on elite the other week. So yeah.

Also if anyone needs some tips on the last section against radec I might be able to help. Just pm me. I'm pretty sure I found a method that can help.


Use the Flame Thrower on Radec.

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playstation_clan3101d ago

10 bucks says the author sucks at the game

Anorexorcist3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

20 Bucks says most FPS noobs like the author don't play KZ2 because it doesn't have aim assist and you can't jump around and blast and frag like in MW2.

Killzone 2 certainly doesn't piss me the hell off like MW2 does, with its imbalanced weapons and gliches, and that is a very good thing. GG needs to just keep doing what they're doing. Ignore all the noob-tubing haters!

Edit: I laughed so hard right now, because my comment just got 2 disagrees in less than 1 minute, and I would wager that all those disagrees are coming from people who have never even played KZ2.

Oh you silly trolls, will you ever learn?

PSfan093101d ago

i agree, MW2 fans will disagree because it is the only game that they feel they're good at. Hey, they even pay 30 bucks for a handful of maps. Im glad i stopped playing/paying this game.

ChronoJoe3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Ya wth loads of people on KZ2 all the time. There's always a few thousand online.

IHateYouFanboys3101d ago

@Anorexorcist: "20 Bucks says most FPS noobs like the author don't play KZ2 because it doesn't have aim assist and you can't jump around and blast and frag like in MW2. "

KZ2 has aim assist lol. remember the whole shotgun auto-aim affair? apparently not. every gun in Killzone 2 has aim assist, just like pretty much every other shooter out there. if you stay perfectly still in Killzone 2 in multiplayer, and have an enemy run backwards and forwards across your screen, your gun will slightly follow them. thats aim assist.

Biggest3101d ago

The shotgun was glitched. They fixed it within a few weeks. That wasn't auto-assist. That was a flashlight homing beacon. And it STILL isn't a noob friendly as MW2. I have one guy on my friends list that has played most of the other FPS and TPS games out there. He tried MAG. Too hard. He tried Uncharted 2. Too hard. He tried BC2. Too hard. So he's back to Modern Warfare 2 with a comment that reads "Why U guys quit?"

IHateYouFanboys3101d ago

im not JUST talking about the shotgun light glitch.

every gun moves slightly when someone runs past you if youre not moving. ive got the game, i know.

"I have one guy on my friends list that has played most of the other FPS and TPS games out there. "

great, good for you - you KNOW someone whos played most. i myself have played most of them, as i have all the consoles to do so on. its not that any of the other games are too hard - im level 78 in Gears 2 online, got to the top rank before they brought in the 3 new ranks in Killzone 2, have prestiged about 5 times in MW2 (and about 6 in MW1), am like level 30-odd in BFBC2, and played a fair bit of Uncharted 2 online ( i have no idea what ranking i am in that, because after a week i stopped playing). i have an overall K/D ratio of over 1.00 in every one of those games too, so dont say that i suck at them.

i keep going back to MW2 because its the most fun, and thats what i play video games for. it doesnt have the control problems of KZ2, the lag and clunky controls of Uncharted 2, the matchmaking problems and host advantage (although thats pretty much fixed now) of Gears 2, or the half hour long matches of BC2. its quick, its easy to get back into the swing of, it always has 500k+ people playing, and most importantly its FUN.

elpresador3101d ago

...have responses from jackasses like you who say "They probably never even played the game"?

Get this through your head, one can not like a game you do and still have played it. Grow the frack up. If someone tells me they dont like super street fighter 4 i dont say "Gee, they probably neer even played the game."

God I hate fanboys. Here is another revelation, all FPS games ARE THE DAMN SAME. You run aournd and shoot people/things. That is it.

raztad3100d ago


Sorry dude but you are wrong about every FPS being the same.

It is true you point and shoot, but the mechanics to point and shoot are different in each game. KZ2 is a rather different game than COD4 for instance.

COD4: Fast, twitchy, who see first kills, almost 100% ironsight based aiming, or should I say auto-aiming?

KZ2: Slow, weighty, to see first=/=kill, takes a bigger load to kill, mostly an "on the hip - shooter" shooter (some autoaiming here), partly uses ironsight (no autoaiming)

I play both (KZ2 more) in a regular base. I reckon faster, twitchier games like MW are more popular.

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rroded3101d ago

games still tight lots of peeps great fun

man i love using the scout n lurking in corridors with a shotgun XD

SupaGamer3101d ago

this article pissed off. It's just an article...we all know Killzone 2 is alive and well!

knightdarkbox3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

This game is dead before another game came in to take it out. You read off numbers, but how many of those people on the weekly numbers played more than 20 seconds or even a full game?

This was supposed to be a tactical game with team
based play. But with no class limits, public games are a joke. Clan games are the only way to truly play this game, but the online was destroyed by guerrila games negligence..

KZ2 alive online? -- Absolute BS

lodossrage3101d ago

Let's exchange psn names right now so I can show you how wrong you are. Unless of course you don't have the game. Which you probably don't

-Alpha3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

The game isn't dead, but I do hate how not many people play the DLC. I have all three sets and not many people play them. It's also pointless using the filters sometimes since it's hard to find games based on exact preferences. PS3 fanboys hyped Killzone 2 to kill Halo and Xbox and it quite frankly didn't. It's a totally different experience and game for one, and Killzone didn't gain much popularity as the PS3 shooter. I'm not saying that K2 is inferior to Halo, I know a lot of fans that preferred it over Halo, but it didn't become the mega blockbuster that dominated the shooter genre like so many tried to claim. And that's fine-- in the name of hype things are said in good fun. I remember being so excited for it too, but I find the reason why Killzone wasn't able to become such a mega game was due to the controls which turned many people off, and the god-awful advertising campaign which did nothing for new audiences. That is why GG has openly stated they changed the controls to gain a more wider audience.

Call of Duty is still PS3's and Xbox's (including Halo) flagship shooter, and that's an undeniable fact regardless of how much people on the internet may disagree. The fact that the MW2 map packs sold as much as they did proves that, and the fact that CoD4's map pack is still in the top 10 list on PSN also shows this.

I'm done with Killzone 2 for the most part but I downed 100+ hours into it. It's a fun game, but it had its flaws. Personally it wasn't completely for me. I preferred CoD4 back then and still do due to party options, faster paced gameplay, and fun with friends.

The game is great, but I also agree that it didn't fair well as a tactical game. Clan matches are definitely the most fun, but there are too many cheater clans that boost. I would also hate how in some clan matches players would get one kill, and then hide in their base behind all the bots during 2 on 2 Bodycount matches. Or worse, they would commit suicide and not spawn back. GG had a lot of things to fix and deal with and though they got some issues out of the way they were never as there for the K2 community as someone like Bungie.

I hate playing with random players because people still stupidly misuse the classes. And I hated the assault class as it was pretty nooby and ruined so many games. Sometimes it was pure chaos-- putting two objectives right next to each other resulted in 32 players cramming into one room throwing grenades and it was a highly annoying experience sometimes. I much prefer the smaller 18-24 player games and of course, it's a game that relies on each other. Those games are always fated to the people you play with.

There is a lot that GG needs to do for K3, and K2 was a solid game, but I always hated a lot of things about it and I believe it was not the best shooter for multiplayer in terms of hype and personal preference. I know the controls are another big issue, and I didn't enjoy them completely. Yes, I got used to it, yes they were hard to get into, but the controls DID have an input lag (this was testable using the sniper scope), and it ruined the game IMO. I'm all for making the game feel weighty, but this wasn't the way to do it. I'm sure a lot of you will disagree, and that's fine, but I'd like to hear why :)

LordMarius3101d ago

anyone want to summarize what Alpha-male just wrote because thats some tl;dr

-Alpha3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Sorry, I sort of got crazy, but basically:

K2 was an enjoyable game, but I didn't enjoy it as much as most people. I was disappointed by some nagging issues in multiplayer and single player and I find that it didn't kill Halo like some of the fanboys tried to hype it. Nonetheless I had my fun with it (100+ hours) but it didn't pull me away from CoD4 like I initially hoped. It's far from dead, but judging from the "Halo/Xbox killer, PS3's #1 shooter" hype, it wasn't as strong, mainly due to the advertisement sucking and the control lag (which existed, as testable by the sniper scope). Additionally it didn't gain the mega-sales that fanboys said it would, nor did it receive the support from GG that I wanted it to. CoD is Sony's #1 shooter in terms of popularity and it's the game the majority of gamers always flock to. Thus the reason why GG has openly stated to want to make their own controls more accessible.

I believe K3 will be greater ten-fold, and I know my opinion isn't popular around here on K2, but I'd love to hear responses rather than the anticipated disagrees that I was bound to get.

I'd also like to add that this article has included in the past World at War, and only 1 person was arguing over WaW still going strong. I don't think it's fair to out the article because it criticizes a PS3 exclusive when no one cared before when it used the same title on other games.

table3101d ago

KZ2 community is alive and kicking. I only recently just got back into it and there's always a game mode going that suits you. It has a dedicated enough fanbase that it won't die out probably until the release of kz3 when most players will move on. It doesn't need the fanbase of the big selling shooters because the game found its niche as a more tactical team based shooter which there is nothing else like it out there at the moment. A game that's dead online would be something more like the new Wolfenstein.

Alpha's frustrations are spot on, but I enjoyed it enough to overlook these flaws since it offered things I used to dream about as a kid and didn't see anyone do until this game(and maybe TF2). It's the best online game to date for me. However, I still understand why CoD and Halo are so popular and I wouldn't look down on people who enjoy those games.

tyrex3101d ago

I think it just takes the perfect storm for a game to catch on like mw2 or halo. It is like everyone wearing the latest fashion. So even when other games are good, it doesn't matter cause it ain't whats hot right now. Just a theory but i really can't come up with a absolute answer. You tell me how a modern warfare 2 sells almost 20 million with a well documented broken multiplayer glitches and straight up broken mechanics.

Hoje03083101d ago

I tend to disagree with you a lot, but I do like the fact that you always offer reasons for your opinions. K2 and BC2 are my favorite shooters this gen, but I can still admit that they both have issues. There is no such thing as a perfect game. As such, I don't see why people feel the need to hit the disagree button when another person offers an intelligent argument. Bubbles to you.

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Darkstorn3101d ago

Sure, there are fewer people playing it these days, but the multiplayer is still great fun.

Baliw3101d ago

Those are good news.
I mean, you can love the game. So you play it and then, get a new one to play with it.

PS3 have a great and colorful catalogue. It would be a shame if people only played the same game over and over for years.

J-Smith3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

well there are LOADS of other PS3 games to play as well. if i owned a xbox360 then yeah i would be playing Halo 3 all the time because there is not much else to play LoL

oh & before someone starts b!tching about me bringing up the xbox360[like i care anyway]its because this article was written by a ps3 hater[i bet]

mcnablejr3101d ago Show
Mmmkay3101d ago

yeah. you've got halo and gears...

by 'almost every' i guess you mean halo...

jetlian3101d ago

halo and gears, fable, ,forza ,splinter cell, crackdown plus xbla games.

hakis863101d ago

Who approves stuff with these headlines?

mugoldeneagle033101d ago

I actually re-purchased Killzone 2 about 2-3 weeks ago and play it every once in awhile. Still very fun

gamerzBEreal173101d ago

lol since theres nothing to play right now i think most ps3 gamers ARE playing killzone2 title fail

skip2mylou3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

yea same can be said about the xbox u fools only play halo

Hoje03083101d ago

I'm actually playing Demon's Souls and it's ruining my life. Great game, it's just too easy to sink three or four hours into it without even noticing.

dragon823101d ago

I am actually playing MAG right now. Its the only game I have ever put this much time into. I am about to hit the 400 hour mark and it is still as fun as it was the first time I played it. Killzone 2 was the only shooter I played online utinl I got MAG. Very fun game. I might get back into it once I finish off my platinum trophy in MAG. only 6 medals away)

HDgamer3101d ago

Lol if no one plays this game any more why was I playing a 32 player match that lasted 1 hour at 4 am?

SpLinT3101d ago

because it was the only match in the whole server

pustulio3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Hahahahhaha :)

TROLL EATER3101d ago

good game but if only it had overload features like halo reach which will probably last like 5 years. killzone 3 doesnt look like it has overwelming amounts of features either but great lookin campaign and decent multiplayer.

hiredhelp3101d ago

reach not even fuc*ig out yet man get grip. go back play your scr*wbox

JsonHenry3101d ago

I really enjoyed the single player game. But the multiplayer was just not for me. After two weeks I quit playing and traded it in.

That being said I can't wait for Killzone 3!

Noble Spartan3101d ago

LOL @ Killzone 2

Obviously no one heard of this game..pretty unknown in the gaming industry. Servers are near empty hard to find matches as PS3 fans rather play a multiplatform and better game Modern Warefare 2.

Well Killzone 3 looks to have some dizzy graphics!

Shani3101d ago

I still play all the old games that I have.
And I do play KZ2 online. I still need to beat the campaign.

Scary693101d ago

LOL this article fails. I was just playing Killzone too funny.

BloodyNapkin3101d ago

There is hardly anyone playing Killzone 2. Regardless if people want to admit to it or not. The stats speak for themselves, on average there is 7,000 people that log on to play Killzone 2 per day. If you think that is alot then you have some serious issues. Actually this is a common theme with Ps3 exclusives that have multiplayer. Socom, Mag, Killzone 2 and even UC2 for that matter. The mutliplayer is just not enough to keep people playing. UC2 was the only decent multiplayer game, but they have to screw with everything on every update they mess the whole game up. And do more damage than they do good.

dragon823101d ago

Actually the problem is that there are so many damn shooters coming out that people just don't have enough time to stick to one game only. If we could get a larger break between shooters I bet you would see alot better numbers.

pustulio3101d ago

^^^^ Exactly

And most of the fools are wasting their time in MW2 instead of playing the awesome range of better games out there.

raztad3100d ago


7K+/day =/= NOBODY as the article says. Yeah, it's not the most popular shooter on the PS3 by a long shoot, and nobody is saying that, but it is not death either. I would say there is a small hardcore community, coming back for an experience they dont find anywhere else.

The same is valid for all those games you mentioned: MAG, Socom, UC2. It's easy to see all of them provide a different experience. I commend Sony for trying something different with KZ2, MAG.

The market seems to want more arcadeish or fast twitchy shooters like MW. Probably KZ3 will be more arcade in order to appeal a broader mass. It makes sense from a commercial point of view.

starvinbull3100d ago

When I play it there's usually a few thousand on it and I live in the EU so I wouldn't say nobody plays it anymore.

Spenok3100d ago

Agreed, this guy doesnt know how to pick games that "Nobody plays anymore" I know plenty of peoeple that still play this game. Myself included. I just hate those DAMNED campers...

silvacrest3100d ago

i remember trying to beat Radec on hard, it took me more then 50 tries but i did it eventually, i never got into killzone multiplayer but im looking to beat the game again on the hardest setting soon

marinelife93100d ago

I still play multiplayer weekly.

avengers19783100d ago

I still play KZ2 online all the time and have no trouble finding full 16 v 16 player matches. Morning, noon, and night there are always people playing. KZ2 may not have as many people playing it as it once did but it's far from dead.

kevnb3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

there isnt room for that many online games on console, call of duty, bad company 2 and halo will always dominate. A proper socom could have legs too.

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alphakennybody3101d ago

what an half-assed written article.

Tee7soo3101d ago

I used to play it online A Lot but now all i play is battlefield BC 2 and COD MW 2 ..