TotalRoundTable: Moving to Kinect to the Wii

On Tuesday, July 20th, Microsoft finally pulled the curtain back on the pricing structure for Kinect, its much-touted, motion-sensing camera that it hopes will deflect Sony’s Move and even take on Nintendo’s unstoppable Wii. That night, Marc N. Kleinhenz started a nerd-tastic conversation with two of his fellow journalists, debating, contemplating, and enumerating the possible folly of Microsoft, the potentialities of Move, and how Nintendo just may undercut them both this fall.

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trounbyfire3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Sam Bishop, founder/editor-in-chief:

Kinect will sell like crazy. They're doing the work; they're putting it out there so people will talk about it – something Sony is doing in a far less impactful way

living under a rock so yeah that macy's thing was a flop and yet we forget that sony did best buy in cali and are having parties all the time, to public sometimes but yeah macy's GOOD FOE THEM