Ripten Review: Deathspank

Ripten writes: "Many an hour was spent raiding the underground caves of Tristram, only to restart and do it all again. Many games have failed to capture that initial vibe of Diablo, and sadly so has Deathspank.

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greeneggsnsam3009d ago

Nothing will beat Diablo in the minds of the people who played it when it was released. To those of us who didn't, however, games like this really come into their own, by making the shitty bits of Diablo that fans of it overlook much more tolerable. Torchlight was really good at this.

Drjft3009d ago


Diablo will always be a brilliant game.

CrzyFooL3009d ago

Ive played DIII. It's the same as D2 but with sexy new graphics. Not sure why that took them 10+ years . . .

aselah3009d ago

Then you're deprived of some good gameplay my friend!!

aselah3009d ago

Dude! I can't wait for DIII!!! How did you get to play it so soon! Are you a rockstar or something??

CrzyFooL3009d ago

lol no, I went to Blizzcon :-p

aselah3009d ago

I think there will always be a place in the world of Action/RPGs for games like Torchlight and Deathspank. Diablo is just too dark sometimes.

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CrzyFooL3009d ago

Torchlight + Monkey Island = DEATHSPANK!!!

greeneggsnsam3009d ago

I haven't played DS yet but it's a lot to ask the same comic standard as Monkey Island...

ZarX3009d ago

Eh deathspank prolly gonna be so so...