The Top Ten Best PlayStation (PSX) Games To Buy

Following on from the success of our Dreamcast feature on it’s top ten best games to buy comes our PlayStation (PSX) guide. As with the Dreamcast it’s going to be pretty tough to choose just ten games from a library of a few thousand, so we’ll list the ten games anyone would be proud of having in their collection.

The list will obviously miss some important titles, or games that are the top of the genre, but our top ten will at least get your PlayStation games collection growing. We’ll be making our choices purely on gameplay. Why pick a game that looks beautiful but isn’t very fun? Besides some of the worst looking PlayStation games are also the best.

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Poseidon3194d ago

castlevania sotn, soul reaver, warcraft, twisted metal 2, oddworld, crash, medieval, metal gear, king of fighters, tomb raider gt1 ff7

Dramscus3194d ago

also diablo.
It's probably the most fun to play on the psp.

mantisimo3194d ago

Should have been a top 10.

ian723194d ago

So many great games to choose from. One game I did like was Die Hard. 3 games on one disc. All different games but all great. I loved the second game, the lightgun one, played the hell out of that. I did like my lightgun games, also had Time crisis and the Resident Evil one.