Fable 3: Brand New Footage Emerged

A brand new gameplay vid of Fable 3 from the Comic-Con 2010.

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MariaHelFutura3005d ago

Looks good. Please, do not try to incorporate Kinect into this.

DelbertGrady3005d ago

That all depends on how they implement it. I wouldn't mind seeing a chicken kicking mini-game that used Kinect :)

MariaHelFutura3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

I guess that would be cool.


I own a 360, I`m playing Mass Effect 2 right now. Cause I don`t want Kinect doesn`t make me a troll.

brazilianbumpincher3005d ago

wheres the graphical upgrade from fable 2? seriously what the hell

NecrumSlavery3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Hey don't knock on the graphics. Fable has always had cartoony characters over a more sereal realistic and lush backdrop. The questions needed to be asked, is if the world will be more open and less glued to linear paths, and how different the gameplay is being your a king/queen. Can a king/queen just free roam and bang people, kill people, and do common tasks for folks? You're royal! How does that fit? I'm not knocking it, just wondering.

Ok I get you. But the first mistake was taking any thing ol' Pete says more than a grain of salt.

brazilianbumpincher3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

im not knocking the graphics,im stating molyneux has been very vocal of late,stating theres alot more to squeeze outta the 360 so why are we not seeing it in HIS game? his just an employee talking but not putting the money where his mouth is as a consumer i want to see progression,im getting halo,gears3 but nothing else has me excited so for a guy doing alot of talking you'd expect him to add to that roster

secksi-killer3005d ago

perhaps to get more out of this, he would have to do a complete new engine!!

for an rpg the current engine is very pretty, and does some nice things.

el zorro3004d ago

Fable 3 does look noticeably better. It seems like you haven't played Fable 2.

It's a gorgeous game in the first place.

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Johnny_Bravo3005d ago

I'm pretty sure they already stated it will support Kinect to a certain extent, just no details on what exactly. Just by watching this video the gameplay seems to have really improved. It looks more fluid and easier, and overall a better experience.

mcnablejr3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

You only said that because the developers made it blindingly obvious that they have been working on implementing kinect from the start.

fail troll.

dkp233005d ago

said they are working on implementing kinect, but its not going to be necessary to play the game...So like Soda pop said, probably used for minigames which would be cool..

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Bigpappy3005d ago

If you are going to have a big open world, then you need to have plenty of places and loot to find. Exploration needs to be rewarded.

jaosobno3005d ago

Looks kinda boring. C/P from Fable 2.

Combat looks (again) repetitive, art style/graphics almost the same like F2, game mechanics look like they had little to no improvement.

Seems to me like fable 1 will remain the best of the series.

mrcash3005d ago

What do you expect, it's a sequel... Look at god of war 3 it's exactly the same as the first games, the only difference is the graphics were improved. I love the fable series and don't want them changing the foundation...

jaosobno3005d ago

Yeah, but gow series had little improvement to make, while fable has loads of room.

GOW3 has (next to uncharted2) the most amazing graphics on the market and best combat mechanics I have ever played. Its storytelling and voice acting are nothing short of superb. GOW3 has upgraded the series in every possible way.

In fable3 I see the same 3-4 hit combos, same art style, same graphics, nothing new. Oh, sorry, now fart emote takes 20 seconds to complete and you can shove somebody's head up your ass while you do it, so I guess that's an improvement.

el zorro3004d ago

There were lots of things they could have improved in GOW3, they just didn't. GOW3 looks pretty damn good in some parts, while in other parts it looks average. Overall it looks and plays like a shinier version of GOW2.

mrcash3004d ago

In gow3 It was the same combos, same art style, nothing new. The difference between gow and fable is that fable takes risks, if you play fable and fable 2 there is a huge difference, and if you play one gow you've played them all.... Fable isn't just about combat its not meant to be and action only title... I honestly think the reason you prefer the gow combat system as oppose to the other action titles that die_fiend mentioned, is because its very easy..

die_fiend3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

GOW3 does indeed have incredible graphics, but you knock a game you haven't played for it's combat? There are clearly gonna be a load more than just in that video, and there's also magic. You saying GOW3 has the best combat mechanics you have played shows how little you must know about actions games. I take it you haven't played Bayonetta, Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden series?

jaosobno3004d ago

Played them all, GOW is still number 1. And bayonetta is DMC ripoff. Only NG1 and DMC3 come close.

die_fiend3004d ago

Oh dear. Bayonetta is a rip off? It's made by the same guy - I've never heard of someone ripping their own creations off, surely that's not possible. More like it's an improvement. DMC is still good tho, a lot better than GOW3 for combat, but that's about it. NG1? Your telling me NG1 has better combat mechanics than NG2? That's clearly wrong, the game might be better but the fighting is more polished and expanded or did you not notice? What's good about GOW3? The dodging is terrible, as is the jumping. The weapons are decent but the movement isn't

mcnablejr3005d ago

There is little to get me exited for this at the moment.

Looks too similar to fable 2.

TheXgamerLive3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

so I'm super excited for FABLE 3. Graphics look better, deeper and better use of colors and game play i'm sure will rock as usual. If you actually play a fable game and really take your time, no cheats or walkthroughs, and just play it all through, you'll love it.

Fable games are famous for having a perfect mesh or blend of both realistic and cartoon graphics. i love the world of fable, as that's what fable means.

el zorro3004d ago

XGamer, I agree with you on every point. Fable 3 looks outstanding.

It's funny how when people want to hate on a game they complain because the sequel isn't completely different than its predecessor, but then they turn around and act like other games are so amazing even though they are very, very similar to their predecessors. Killzone 3 looks almost exactly like Killzone 2, but that won't stop these same people from worshiping that game.

People that know and love Fable and have read up on it know that it is doing a lot of neat new things that will likely make it a much better game. It also looks better. I already loved Fable 2, so I am sure I will love Fable 3 even more.

Commando473005d ago

I enjoy their storylines and combat systems though I admit the first one IMO needed some taking used to. I hope Fable 3 will be just as good.

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