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blasian3986d ago

They used mj's black or white really... lol still a good song even if its used for pokemon

spektical3986d ago

how do you have more legendery pokemon after making a pokemon that is "GOD" and pokemons that rule time and space...

wish is was still like the first 2 pokemons.. birds, dogs...

Nitrowolf23986d ago

does that GOD pokemon even play a role in the pokemon games?
I mean to say its the creator in the description and not have it be a key to the story of pokemon is kind of lame and pointless

DarkSpawnClone3986d ago

yeah Pokemon has gone way lame! they don't even look that great any more i like the originals too and the second part but after that forget it. they don't even look cool just stupid imo

ingiomar3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

with legendary they mean ''really rare''
except for arceus giratina palkia and dialga cuz there is only one of them..

some don't even have a real purpose for the world like mewtwo,mew,latios,latias celebi dakrai and cresselia and some more i think..

so having arceus(god pokemon) doesn't mean there can't be more legendary's

dgroundwater3986d ago

Admit it. You all have no business passing off your opinions on a franchise you haven't touched since the 90's.

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Terarmzar3986d ago

OMG stop making more pokemon, i use to love this but they keep on adding more to it,and pokemon dont even look like pokemon now.Please let Pokemon die

blasian3986d ago

Dont you know.. They have a random generator that uses a random shape and gives it a name. All they do is slap eyes and a mouth on them now.

Terarmzar3986d ago

Lol that was pretty funny

LordMarius3986d ago

Haha, the game is taking place in America, about time

tigertron3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

They really should stop adding more Pokémon now, I loved the originals, and heck, I loved the Johto and Hoenn gen, but as soon as I bought Diamond, I lost all familiarity with the new Pokémon. I think they should have left them at the Ruby/Sapphire generation, I want there to be a game that takes Pokémon back to the glory days with the originals or have the ultimate pair of games with every Pokémon in and every region and only make sequels that have improved gameplay and some new storylines.

spooky2053986d ago

The old pokemon were more sylish and polished than the new ones. Some new designs are just outright stupid. Its like the artists were told to just draw as many pokemon as they could half assed.

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The story is too old to be commented.