Microsoft comes clean on doling out cash, free hardware to entice Windows Phone devs

Microsoft director Todd Brix has apparently revealed what's been known from a series of non-denied rumors for a while now: they're making it rain on mobile developers with good ideas. According to a BusinessWeek report, it seems they're pursuing a number of angles to entice software shops to help build out Windows Phone 7's launch catalog, ranging from offering free test hardware to simply paying cash, sometimes in the form of revenue guarantees that Microsoft will meet if apps don't meet sales goals in the Marketplace. Of course, there's not really anything wrong with Microsoft inorganically pursuing support for its ecosystem like this -- they've certainly got the pocketbook for it, and considering their come-from-behind position, they ought to be using any tool available to 'em right now to get this thing as ready as it can possibly be for app-hungry customers later this year.

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rroded3190d ago

ms dolling out cash for games say it aint so....

btw whats the big deal with this isnt it a given they pay for stuff like this already...

Raoh3190d ago

Not surprising at all

oohWii3190d ago

Cause no one else ever does this, Microsoft the first company to ever provide incentives for good ideas or innovative thinking. /sarcasm

Really people?