Leaked Final Fantasy XIV Dialogue Has Us Laughing Already

Japanese role-playing games like those in the Final Fantasy series are certainly not strangers to awkward, semi-controversial moments and badly translated Japanese dialogue, but the latest excerpts for Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XIV are looking to keep the tradition alive, with some individuals left scratching their heads and laughing, and others wondering just what exactly they’re reading.

The ESRB has already gone ahead and rated Final Fantasy XIV with a “T for teen” rating, which means you can expect the usual mild violence, minor suggestive themes and that’s typically about it. However, when scanning the game’s rating summary, we came across a few of the quotes that the ESRB deemed “suggestive”, and we can easily say that they’re probably the most awkward comments you’ll read all day.

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360Defender3034d ago

This sorry ass article has me laughing already.

Reibooi3034d ago

One of the cities in the game is very pirate focused and it seems as if SE went a little bit overboard with the pirate lingo leading to some weird conversations.

hyaru3034d ago

The beta/alpha only has the pirate city in it.

.. it's one of the three major cities.. so well one is pirate-ish

Reibooi3034d ago


What the hell are you talking about? I said ONE of the cities is pirate focused. Not that all of them were or anything.

You basically said I was wrong and said the same thing I did so whats up with that?

NJShadow3034d ago

I guess that sort of explains it, but wow, tis' some crazy conversation for sure. ^_^

DA_SHREDDER3034d ago

"Now, either Square Enix is just incredibly clever or those who work over at the ESRB have dirtier minds that we do; we’re willing to bet it’s a little bit of both. It appears that aside from the online play, a good bit of comedy will be present at well during normal gameplay. Yes folks, you can look forward to this and more when Final Fantasy XIV hits store shelves March 2011. Until then, stay tuned for more awkward gaming moments, both foreign and domestic, here on PlayStation LifeStyle"

That quote in this article doesn't fit the description of it on N4G. Please stop letting retards contribute articles. Please.

Alos883034d ago

Wow, that one about the netmaster... XD

Redempteur3034d ago

"The netmaster’s probably up in his office polishing the mast just thinking about her"


Count3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

What's funnier is how that can just not have no underlying sexual meaning to it at all.

NJShadow3034d ago

Guess that's where the "fantasy" part of final fantasy comes from, lol.

Spydr073034d ago

Some of those are corny. Reminds me of the old, "All your base are belong to us" quote from years back. Oh, the memories.

blasian3034d ago

Polishing the mast LOL

Spenok3033d ago

Do you even know what a mast is on a ship?

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