Multiplayer gaming: too much of a good thing?

Jim Sterling writes: "Multiplayer is now the standard. Some of you may be very happy to admit this; some of you would do so begrudgingly. Whether you like it or not, multiplayer's not only here to stay, but it's everywhere.

Thanks to publisher and consumer demand, multiplayer modes have become obligatory to the point that gamers consider any title without an online component as inferior. Do we, however, really want multiplayer in these games, or are we merely whining for these token inclusions without thinking about what we're asking for?

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Poseidon3060d ago

make multiplayer fun or stfu

zeeshan3060d ago

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Jim Sterling the guy who writes all those flaimbait stupid articles on

deadreckoning6663060d ago

If this is true...why did u bother clicking on the article?

Count3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

He claims it to be an opinion. But, yes, that is Jim Sterling.

Unless it's another Jim Sterling.

SeanRL3059d ago

Yes, you should see some of the comments he replies too, he's actually quite the troll.

Playerz83060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Hey, Multiplayer gaming is just point and shoot. (Lol, I get em every time)=)

dizzleK3060d ago

too much? definitely. good thing? debatable.

it shows how many new gamers are here when a sizable % simply won't touch a single player only game. up until the release of xbl you NEVER heard somebody say something like that. i think a.d.d. riddled recent gamers have hurt gaming more than any army of casuals.

theEx1Le3060d ago

Agreed, most of all of my best gaming memories came from the single player section of games. Nowadays the sp seems to take a back seat to the mp component, while good single player only games are almost ignored completely.

Spenok3059d ago

I literally couldnt have said it any better myself.

asyouburn3060d ago

to focus on some kind of multiplayer component when most people only play a few times, then run back to thier multiplayer game of choice, i.e. COD or BFBC2, halo, etc. seems to me that most companies should just nix multiplayer all together and leave it to the big boys. seriously, how many people played stranglehold multi, or dark sector, or the darkness? maybe for a day. seems a waste of manpower and time that couldve gone to boost the decent single player of those games

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