Quantum Theory to be bloodfest, new screenshots

Tecmo released new, very gory screenshots of Quantum Theory, giving new meaning to the term head-shot.

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Poseidon3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

looks almost identical to gears, only the enviorment is a lil different, or no chainsaw. and this dude looks like felix's brother, steroid pumped meatheads.

MorganX3009d ago

I thin that's the whole point of this one.

Greywulf3008d ago Show
Kiriel3009d ago

Yeah I had the same. I hope that the story and settings will differentiate this game from Gears, if it's too close, I doubt many will buy it.

SSKILLZ3009d ago

wow, this still isn't going to make the game better if it's sh!ty

Yangus3009d ago

This game is crap,and flop.Gears of War:Made in Vietnam.

peeps3009d ago

Is it just me or do the textures look really bad

Spenok3008d ago

Unfortunatly. Before this game was announced as a multiplatform game it looked WAY better in the graphics department. Oh well i guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.