Go Play GTA IV: Is It Still a Perfect 10?

Before Grand Theft Auto IV was released in April of 2008, Rockstar built up an unbelievable amount of anticipation in the gaming community by releasing scarce details and no gameplay trailers. Bitmob was drawn into the massive hype and was thrilled when they saw the amount of glowing reviews and perfect scores the games was receiving.

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HorsePowerr3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

To me it never was and never will be.

Quagmire3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Imo, a 10/10 game would be a game which, if stuck on on island with nothing but a console and one game for the rest of your life, you would choose said game. For me, its Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon. Thats right, thats my 10 outta 10 game, my personal perfect game. Each have their own perfect game, it doesnt matter what reviewers say. yes, GTA4 may be a solid 8.5-9, and yes its a brilliant and vast game, but it just doesnt hold that special 10/10 section in my heart.


Galaxia3102d ago

^ + Bubbles! Spyro 3 was the shit back in the day. I love that game.

And GTA4 is terribly overrated. I got it when it released, played about half way through then just stopped playing. But, at the moment, I need to study a lot, but I know I can't resist gaming either, so I am playing GTA4 again because I know I wont really want to play it, I'd rather study. It's an effective plan I have. :P The game is proof that good physics and tech alone still make an absolutely appalling game if it's not fun. It's just not fun in any way and feels like a massive chore to play. Oh, and the disconnect between Niko and the gameplay ruins the story a lot too. 3-4/10 at the moment.

GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas especially, are all 10/10 games though.

nix3102d ago

overrated game... i completely stopped trusting reviews after this game. no wonder i never bothered to pick up Red redemption, thanks to really really boring game called GTAIV. i would give it 7.5/10.

Hotel_Moscow3102d ago

gta4 is to this day the only game i can play without getting bored and without being aggravated

in single player multiplayer puts it over the top just driving down the street and boom im in a car chase with a truck

bjornbear3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

my 10/10 game was/ is deus ex, but thats because it has nostalgic factors.

GTAIV is a 9 at best.

it just lacked personality san andreas and vice city had (and lacked the fun too)

oh and the fact that it got so many 10/10 did make me loose faith in reviewers. If I bought the game expecting it to be 10/10 I would have been vastly disappointed.

@hotel moscow:

yes well done, thats what every GTA since the first has been about. that can't be considered a factor. you have to consider the previous iterations of the games and see how much GTAIV improved (it didn't, it almost downgraded)

- removed planes
-removed personalization
-removed loads of weapons
-removed tons of vehicle types
-removed unique race types
-removed interesting geographical locations
-removed gang areas
-removed assets

Perjoss3102d ago

It's a 9 for me, but only because the on foot controls are not very good, apart from that I think it's perfect.

GWAVE3102d ago

GTA4 is not - and never was - a perfect 10.

It was simply another chapter in the saga of our western gaming media playing favorites and pandering to a popularity content instead of reporting on the actual quality of games.

RonRico3102d ago

Excuse me but GTa4 is SHEEITE. Perfect game of last year, that's under rated, is Borderlands. BangBang! I'd still give her a 10 of 10 to diss day. There ain't no rest 4 the wicked. PS2 GTA's rocked. Thank you and gooooodnight.

inception1233102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

exacly gta4 took away so much that there is no way anyone with a brain could say it was good enough to get all those perfect scores. it shouldn't even be as high as the other gta games. people just say it was good simple because it is a popular franchise the same way mario, cod and halo are.

badz1493102d ago

never was and never will be! GTAIV is highly over rated! I don't know what's my 10/10 game but GTAIV is far off the list to be sure!

Anon19743102d ago

Personally, I never liked San Andreas. Nothing about that game interested me, the story and voice acting were just there - they never stood out. I found it hard to get into the game because I didn't like any of the characters and could not find any connection to the story.

In contrast, GTA4 had excellent characters and an amazing story with the voice acting to back it up. It was like a video-game version of the Sopranos (not the actual video game sopranos which wasn't so hot).
The characters weren't exactly likable but there was something human about them, something that gave you the idea that they could be redeemed, that no one was totally gone.

And on top of that Liberty City was so full of character, so detailed. There was so much to do and I often found myself getting completely side-tracked by mini-games, and the main missions were an absolute blast to play and the game had a hefty length to it.

GTA4 wasn't a perfect game, but I think it's the best sandbox game we've seen to date, and that's saying something.

ifhd3102d ago

my 10/10 game is Metal Gear Solid

Persistantthug3102d ago

It was among the first 2 games I bought when I got my PS3 early Jan 2009.

Since I was heavy into MMO's last gen (had a Dreamcast as well), I actually hadn't played any of the 3D GTA games.

But when I put GTA4 in, and got into my first car, the quality of the game is instantly recognizable, imo.

As a first time user of the 3D series, from my fresh pair of eyes, the Single player experience was very good, and the multiplayer was perhaps even better.....GTA RACING is totally off the hook....totally reminds me of ROAD RASH from back in the day.

GTA4 wasn't a 10, but it was definitely an elite game this gen that deserves a 90'ish score.

FanboysWillHateMe3102d ago

If you were to judge a game based on forums alone, you'd think GTAIV was a pile of shit. You'd think Final Fantasy XII and XIII were piles of shit. You'd think Call of Duty games were a pile of shit.

karl3102d ago

i didnt even finish this game...

MAFIA 2 will kick his ass

Lightsaber3102d ago

more like a neg 10. The game was at best a 5 to start with and it got old and boring fast

Darkstorn3102d ago

I'd give it 9/10. Still an excellent game.

RedDead3102d ago

I didn't like really like Gta4 because I got bored way to easiy in it. I miss the army and having the place in a state of emergency. GTa SA I found the most fun.. Just so much to do in it. Its the best one for messing around and rampageing imo/

Vice city was also class for many reasons.

Gta4 again just bored me and is a step bakwards in the fun factor I think. It did bring a good story/characters etc to the series but I play rpgs for that. rpgs do that better than the rest I think. Gta to me is just supposed to be mindless fun.

Oh and FFXIII was a piece of shit ;)

Matpan3101d ago

To me, Mafia holds that special place. Maaan I looved that game. I{m so excited for the sequel ñ.ñ.

Sure GTAIV is a great game. But not a perfect 10.

sofocado3101d ago

Liberty City is a 10 for me

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Playerz83102d ago

@HorsePowerr-To me, YOU were never a perfect 10.

On the other hand, GTA 4, despite the aging graphics, is still a perfect game.

I had hundreds of hours of fun with GTA 4 and I will never forget them.

AK463102d ago

Did Horsepower your feelings? Poor boy

RonRico3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

R U being 4 real son?

RonRico3102d ago

There are seriously 20 or so games that kick GTA4's generic arse. perfect 10 is sutch a joke it makes me choke. Maybe a 7 if you work for a major VG mag.

ico923102d ago

agreed at most it was an 8/10, to this day i still dont know how it received all those mandatory 10's

Nihilism3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Agreed, terrible driving mechanics...I mean seriously, I can take a sharp corner at 60kph, in GTAIV, you do a 360 trying to take a corner at 30...

They took away the RPG mechanics....which made it more appealing to just cut and run than stay and battle it out for the experience points...

Graphics are way overrated, I played GTA III and SA on my PS2 and vice city on my xbox on a CRT TV and I played GTAIV on my PC @1080p and there was no visual difference from is that. 4/10 from me, I never even bothered to finish it, it gave it a good 20hrs...and I was bored the whole time, it was like I was waiting for the intro missions to finish...and they never did, the whole game played terribly.

ico923102d ago

yeah and the cover mechanic was so broken, not to mention the over sensitive driving physics, repetitive mission structure, annoying police list goes on

Redempteur3102d ago

lol you're making shit up .. there is a clear difference in graphics and PHYSICS BETWEEN GTA4 and the GTA ps2 ..ok you hated GTA4 i get it but don't make shit up

Nihilism3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I said "from memory"

What that means is that the difference should be so significant given the number of years and difference in hardware I played the two games on. But looking at it, it did not look significantly different to the other games. Obviously if I had them side by side it would. But that is my point, the difference should be so profound that it is immediately obvious of the visual leap....but there was not. It just looked the same to me as the PS2 game did on a crt TV... it is a very dated engine.

JsonHenry3102d ago

I didn't think it was a 10. It was good for a GTA game, sure. But not a 10.

But opinions are like assholes- everyone has one and everyone's is a little different.

creamydingle3102d ago

After gta3, vice city and san andres were day 1 purchases I even preordered them and did the same with gta4. I tried not to see anything about gta4 so when I played it nothing was spoiled, i am never making that mistake again what a boring game they took all the fun out of it. Next gta I wont be preordering I will be watching every review, watching everything I can on it so I don't get burnt again.

osamaq3102d ago

the graphics blurry ugly graphics in gta 4 has hearten my eyes, I couldn't play more than 10 hours.

hype hype hype ...

rdr is better, but the open world is worthless and useless in the desert, I think mafia 2 (and there is no hype in mafia 2) will set the standards again for the open world games.

Hanif-8763102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

If your playing on consoles force it to upscale it to 1080p by disabling 720p. However, i think the Xbox360 version automatically upscales it but not sure.

Rocket Sauce3102d ago

GTA 4 was terribly boring. They took everything the series had been building up, threw it away, and replaced it washes...and e-mail.

Does that sound like fun? Sure, you could steal a tank and enter a cheat to make it FLY, but who wants to do that when you could be sending e-mail to your mother?

Hanif-8763102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

features. GTA IV isn't perfect but its definitely something above the others. The story was awesome the characters are believable and are human like. The animation for this game is what i really enjoy because it utilizes the Eurphoria animation system which doesn't give you a pre-defined animations like most other games, it generates on the fly which are physics based. Hense, ramming someone with a car will look realistic as they go flying down the road or in the air flapping on the road which is just a marvelous sight to look at. Also, Rockstar made Liberty City a believable breathing world where huge amount of detail went in.. i'm not about to describe it because there is too much to say. Nevertheless, the reason why the minority don't like GTA IV is because they took out some of the features in the past that made previous iterations fun. However, i think that the DLC brought back a little of those. Therefore, Although GTA IV isn't perfect like most reviewers said it was its definitely not close to being anything mediocre or bad like some people are saying it the comment section. Rockstar Games did a fantastic job with it "my opinion" and for me its one the most enjoyable game i've had since i switch to the next generation machines.

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George Sears3102d ago

Perfect ten? Don't believe in such things.

Great game? Sure but like much it has its flaws as well as any other.

brazilianbumpincher3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

the dustbin of quality honest gaming journalism which seems to be piling up.

fanboy sites worse than the fanboy gamers as they have more influence

Chris3993102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

GTA IV was definitely among the FLOOD of "perfect" (but not really) games. Gaming and it's endorsers (journalists - they're just marketing people, really) have never handed out so many 10s in a generation as they have in the past 5 years.

It is ridiculous. Before, a "10" was bequeathed to a game that was not just at the top of it's class, but at the top of ALL classes. A classic. The kind of gem that everyone must play.

Now, a 10 just seems to coincide with however much money or production costs a title has. You rarely see a AAA title (and keep in mind "AAA" refers to production values and money/ tech/ time invested NOT necessarily the actual quality of the game) these days that doesn't score at least one 10.

Personally, the whole numerical review system is horribly flawed anyhow. Most people don't even read the text and just scroll down to the score.

Pen Pooh3102d ago

Video games aren't fine wines, y'know. They depreciate with age.

Count3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

I don't think so.

Take Chrono Trigger, it was really good a decade ago.. and guess what? It's still really good now.

Kingdom Come3102d ago

Is one Hell of a brilliant game...Nuff Said.