1UP: Talking Comic-Con With Gears' Bleszinski

Most of this weekend 1UP has been covering a lot of videogame-related stories to come out of Comic-Con. Funny thing is, they really haven't had a chance to cover all that is Comic-Con -- videogaming takes up a small part of the five day event, but it's presence has been growing steadily every year. So when they had a chance to meet up with Gears of War 3's Cliff Bleszinksi, all they wanted to talk about was the Con itself.

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Folezicle3007d ago

Gears and Bulletstorm look brilliant. Just scrap the on-rail shooting, I din't enjoy it too much.

IRetrouk3007d ago

as long as they sort out the lag in gears im in, the game looks sweet and the new female gears have the girlfriend excited.