The Beauty Of Game Controls

No matter what your console of choice is, you always need you use your thumbs.

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TehChef3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

What if you're using an arcade stick, a PC or the Atari 2600?

NeutralGamer3011d ago

"you always need you use your thumbs"

I belive that this is what Kinect is trying to prove wrong

ArchangelMike3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Not only have the use of buttons become intrinsic to gaming (i.e. the mapping of various simple and complex actions for the game character), but also just as importantly the force feedback recieved from the controller adds to the overall immersion of the game. Since Nintendo introduced this with the N64, every controller (apart for the sixaxis) has ultimately had rumble support (force feedback).

The very first ganme I played that completely blew me away with the implementation of force feedback was Metal Gear Solid. When Psycho Mantis moved my controller with his mind, it literally blew my mind (pun very much intended). I gathered my family to watch psycho Mantis in action, and my mum honestly thought it was Voodoo!!!

With Microsoft forging ahead with Kinect and it's lack of a traditional controller, will the lack of buttons lead to a lack of complex interaction with the games? Will the lack of force feedback also lead to a reduction in immersion? Will simpler control schemes combined with a lack of this type of immersion (force feedback) lead to a poorer gaming experience? I guess it's down to the developers to prove this theory wrong.

NeutralGamer3011d ago

Psycho Mantis was so cool :D
I remember that one too... And him reading the memory card XD