Insomniac Games to Announce New Game Soon?

Mucu from writes, "Veteran developer Insomniac Games has dropped quite the hint regarding when they might announce their next title. Just a few hours ago, Insomniac stated on their Twitter:"

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NYC_Gamer4581d ago

please let it be a platformer....

Natsu X FairyTail4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

resistance 3 probably?

that'd be sweet @ kappa.

Kappa Mikey4581d ago

Resistance 3 with the killzone engine would be EPIC!

Redrum0594581d ago

agreed, i would love it to be resistance3 but no less if it were a platformer like the R&C games.

1 disagree??? ppl must not like you natsu.
heres an agree and a +bubbles for you.

Bloodraid4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

I personally don't want that to happen. Killzone and Resistance are two completely different games.

The game mechanics for each game are completely different from one another. They're both FPS, but that's really all they have in common.

- Artstyle (Killzone: Gray, Red, Blue; Resistance: Very colorful)
- Physics (Jumping, Booster pads)
- Gun Mechanics (Resistance doesn't have weight)
- Color Palette (Not sure if this would have much effect, but Resistance 2 had very bright colors, while Killzone 2 was just shades of gray, red, and blue, really). Basically, this means Resistance 3's graphics would need to be changed dramatically. (Assuming the engine wouldn't be able to handle such a wide palette).

You've got to remember that engines created for games are tuned specifically for that game, and are NOT meant to be used as an open library (Like OpenGL/OpenAL/LWJGL/Unreal/Ogr e). So they're really not all that compatible with other games.

Basically, either the engine is going to have to be modified like hell (In which case, I don't see the point of using it), or the game is going to have to be changed tons. (In which case, I'm not going to buy it).

Conloles4581d ago

This game will probably be good because it harnesses the 360's power.

WhittO4581d ago

About f*cking time!

I want Resistance 3!!

Or a new IP would be good too, but would prefer R3..

Lombax4581d ago

Way to break you trolling form... Kinda kills the PC elite thing you tend to go for. Wrong troll account by accident maybe?

InactiveUser4580d ago

"<insert potential future news> coming soon?"


Tell me WHEN it is announced.. not well maybe, possibly, probably, it may or could be announce soon, like in a few days or months... or not?

TotalPS3Fanboy4580d ago

the rumored platformer rpg.

tosh614580d ago

You could say you don't want the Killzone engine to happen to a Resistance game, because it won't. Its a dream idea. That would never happen.

Also the artstyle of RFoM was grayish with the impending doom feel. That was awesome. I'm not sure why Insomniac decided to go with super saturated colors in Resistance 2. Maybe it was the move to the US? The area for the game wasn't as run-over by the Chimera yet? - Sure an engine would be able to handle a huge color palette. That's very basic in the design of an engine. Just a note. Resistance 2 DID use the same engine as RFoM though. But for what reason they changed some of the physics and the speed of the game I don't know. The game felt clunky, the character sizes were increased dramatically as well.

I truly hope Resistance 3 goes back to that gray, dark, bland colored feel like RFoM had. That's what made the game. It was so epic.

- None of this made much sense, Resistance: Fall of Man is just my favorite shooter of all time.

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Redrum0594581d ago

playing "a crack in time" as of this moment.

Garnett4581d ago

What ever it is, cant wait to play it on my 360.

Roonie4581d ago

Even if it's announced as a PS3 exclusive? what are you gonna do flame Microsoft that PS3 game don't play on xbox360? ROFL!!!!

adamant7154581d ago

Same with me. I love my PS3, but I have a spot in my heart for my Xbox 360. <3 haha

Freak of Nature4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Since we know Resistance 3 will be showing up soon enough I want this announcement to be that "act/RPG/platformer that was rumored a little more than a Year ago....

We have quite a few shooters coming,but platformers from top flight dev's are like Dino's these days...

A game with a new innovative game mechanic,along with all the fun platforming you would expect from Insomniac.Along with a creative style and flare.

ACT/RPG/platformer and resistance 3 would be even better...

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George Sears4581d ago

Already know what the Resistance franchise offer. I would rather see there new IP.

Dragun6194581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Even when Insomniac Games has finished their last input in the R&C Future Trilogy With both teams available they can focus on Resistance 3? With more time to develop the third one as well as fix the criticism from Resistance 1&2? You wouldn't want to see Resistance 3? Especially after first party devs like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Sucker Punch, etc have found better ways to utilize the PS3?

You know I think Resistance 3 will have a major leap over Resistance 1&2.

trounbyfire4581d ago

first party = owned by publisher
second party = not own but makes exclusive games for publisher
third party = not own and free to work for any publisher (mostly multiple publisher / consoles.

i get what you are saying though but i just learned it this earlier year

George Sears4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

I didn't say that I didn't want to see RE3 (at least not now). I just prefer to see what they have instore for us besides an already established franchise. Exclusive or not I really don't really care. They are talented devs and it's great to see them expand there opportunities in the industry.

If you prefer sequel after sequel over new IPs then good for you I guess.

alster234581d ago

its either resistance 3 or the EA partners game

rdgneoz34581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

After seeing article the other day about the Resistance 3 billboard on the set of a movie coming out next year in March, I think they might be announcing R3 sometime soon.


capjacksparrow4581d ago

Guys, this probably just means they want to try Irrational Games new game. They said they want to get in on the fun, it could mean either. We all know they're working on more than one project though, and the multiplatform game isn't ready.

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