Sony: "Use Your PS3 Like Never Before‏"

It seems like Sony has learned something from Microsoft and Apple about how to get all of your Sony electronics working together better.

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Poseidon3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

those are really interesting features, i always wondered what remote play was,it only does everything.:)

playstation_clan3105d ago

it only does features i never heard of

ps3 ftw

zeeshan3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Instead of limiting it to SONY VAIO computers, they should further expand it so gamers using other devices such as Toshiba, Acer, HP, Dell etc could also benefit from this. Make PSN accessible like facebook, twitter! That'd be huge!

An avalanche of AAA exclusives aanndd more accessibility. PS3 really does everything!!

Rot_in_Fail3105d ago

too bad VAIO laptops are so overpriced.

RedDragan3105d ago

They are great laptops though. Good build quality on the two I have so far.

Commander_TK3104d ago

r the closest thing to Macs, really.

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Godmars2903105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

Yeah, all they have to do is get MS's permission/pay to make it a Windows app...

What else is it going to run on? The can get away with doing it Vaio because its their hardware, but otherwise how else do you explain why they haven't just generally released it?

OpenGL3105d ago

We're not talking about consoles here, nothing is stopping Sony from releasing anything for Windows. Microsoft does not control software development or charge a fee to develop for Windows. At the same time they are not required to support or market any piece of software not released by Microsoft or an affiliated company.

The reason Sony hasn't released anything is due to the fact that they'd rather force you into paying for one of their overpriced PCs to get this feature instead of giving it to everyone.

shadow27973105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

So if I write a "hello, world" program, I have to get MS's permission or pay them to let people use it?

The reason it's not on other devices is because it's a selling point for Sony Vaio laptops.

Edit: It seems OpenGL already covered the bases.

Godmars2903105d ago

Okay, you have a point OpenGL, just hard to imagine that Sony would be as asinine to pull such a limited stunt for their overpriced laptops. But on the other hand still can't MS not having an issue with a competitor putting out an app for a rival product for general use.

Though of course, if it is just a software app, its now a hacker target that at the very least could be made into a general use app.

CernaML3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

"But on the other hand still can't MS not having an issue with a competitor putting out an app for a rival product for general use. "

Steam says hi.

Windows is an incredibly open platform. You can release anything on it (just look at all those date rape sims).

Dramscus3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

"Okay, you have a point OpenGL, just hard to imagine that Sony would be as asinine to pull such a limited stunt for their overpriced laptops"

This is the same company that has like five links to the playstation store on the xmb, charges the same amount for digital games as games in stores, and removes system features right?

They always do thing's that aren't exactly consumer friendly. Their not manipulative and overbearing like some companies, and they are just protecting their business interests but still. Sony is all about selling sony products.

RedDragan3105d ago

Microsoft do charge to develop on Windows. You need digital signatures.

This can be optional on their 32-bit Windows systems, but on 64-bit it is mandatory. If there is no digital signature on Vista-64 and 7-64 then the program will be blocked, unless you go into Test mode.... which 99% of Windows 64-bit users have no idea exists.

Lumbo3105d ago

@RedDragan: this is factually false.

The only point where you need to sign a program for Windows is when you want to access kernel space interfaces.

Therefor you need to sign DRIVERS, but not regular user software.

For i.e. a Paint clone you would NOT need you own signed driver as you can easily use the windows api in place, for free.

The only reason you see so many programs signed is the god darned DRM. DRM needs low level drivers to work at all, hence you need a signed driver for it.

SnakeforPresident3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Do you mean that a company that produces and sells electronic products is only interested in selling said products?!? THOSE EVIL MEN! How dare they not dedicate them selves to making things the way I want them.

Pedobear Rocks3104d ago

of intelligence in this particular thread is ASTOUNDING.

arakouftaian3104d ago

and then ask to pay then for a pc free of virus.

i have been in peace ever since the ps3 and iphone
and just use my pc sometimes, pc are stressful f%&#up machines
speciali the windows pc are so f"%&up

uie4rhig3104d ago

lol jk... but seriously, there is some proper dumb people.. no offence, but before you start saying "zomg you need to pay to make windows applications" or "zomg you do need to pay coz all software needs signatures which you have to pay for"... no just.. no! windows wise, as far as i know, MS only makes money on every windows disc sold, MSDN (and other similar ones), digital signing of a software (as pointed out earlier, there is only a handful of software that really need such a signature) and that's pretty much it (obviously there is loads of other places of income for the company, but these are the only ones i know of that come from windows itself).. windows doesn't have a freaaking app store (altho i heard there was one coming, which is pretty messed up.. release a product.. how do we improve it? just add a appstore)

Pandamobile3104d ago

Microsoft and Sony are not competitors in the PC market, so why would Microsoft give two shits if Sony wanted to do this?

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moparful993105d ago

Hmm suddenly I desire a vaio laptop.. Damn need more money!

J-Smith3105d ago

the more stuff the better[even tho i don't understand most of it] LoL

N4g_null3104d ago

This sucks because sony laptops are puss compared to mac pros and asus and alien wear stuff. I just got the quad i7 8 gigs of ram asus and the 3d lcd one also, im having a blast working out side and shooting people int the face, just need to watch the clouds lol.

The viao really do need some help. They are not specs right with regards to the price and their designs are good enough to warrant the extra money. Yet with asus i'll buy any thing they make lol.

This is another sign that they think like apple yet with out figuring out how to make the deal attractive.

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Raoh3105d ago

only works with VAIO's.

well thats dumb

ZombieAutopsy3105d ago

I think it works with some sort of Sony phone too, at least they were talking about it a while back.

RedDragan3105d ago

Sony Ericsson Aino.

Strange thing is, I have the even better phone.... Satio. And it doesn't do this. WTF is the deal with that?!

DarkEdson3105d ago

you can do the same thing with the psp 2.

Mmmkay3104d ago

really? since when? how much does the psp2 cost where u live?

KaBaW3104d ago

I'm not sure if he means 'psp2' or psp 'too' lol.

PirosThe4th3105d ago

Some hackers already found a way to get it working on other laptops. The thing is it needs a special driver for the WiFi adapter. Some other laptops that use the same one can be used for it. However, at the moment they still working on it to get it working with other stuff.

moparful993105d ago

No not dumb, this is a feature that they are going to try and use to push sales of the vaio line of laptops.. It's smart buisness because if you want the function you have to buy a vaio.. I actually want a vaio now.. I need a laptop for school and this really helps me narrow down my decision.. I just hope the vaio laptops are good.. Anyone out there help me out?

DrakenSilverwing3105d ago

I have a Vaio, and it was one of the best purchases ever made. It's efficent for school as well as social networking, and shiny! I know I want to try this with my PS3 now, but just know that it is a good buy, and durable and actually lightweight for the size. I say go for it.

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Nick2120043105d ago

Cool to see Sony integrating their hardware, now if only they worked on integrating their software similar to how Apple has done it.

PS360PCROCKS3105d ago

Oh damn guess I should have got a Vaio, not a macbook pro. Oh well my MBP is sick, I love it.

Philaroni3105d ago

Yes they need to make this work with all Bluetooth Computers, It might just be for Sony PCs for now but it needs to expand to all devices, Hell make it so you can use your phone as a text chat pad. Small things like that are very cool.

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