Three Things Nintendo Needs To Fix For The Next Wii Console

Nintendo never really shoots to put the best technology into their home consoles. They choose older and cheaper technology to make the final price reasonable. But some of the Wii's flaws are unforgivable even if they were meant to be family friendly. Here are the three things that get on most everybodies nerves about the Wii.

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Playerz83103d ago

Honestly, there are more than 3 things that Nintendo needs to fix for their next console.

Technical World3103d ago

It said that in the end of the article. It was the three that were the most annoying ones to them.

ckbarnett3103d ago

2.hard drive overhaul
4.classic controller options for games

MariaHelFutura3103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

Like I said, the PS3 w/the Move.


The PS3 w/ the Move is $399 which not much more than the Wii when it launched and you get a BR player. Also, your crazy if you think the next Wii won`t have a BR player casue it will, so will the next Xbox and Sony if is smart they`ll change the storage medium w/ the PS4 and repeat this cycle.

Spydr073103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

I'd say you summed it up very well. I think they'd be wise not to invest too much into the HD, as well. For clarification, make it HD, but be careful not to put so much tech into it that the console's price really reflects that. The Wii's biggest asset in getting into the limelight this gen was its low price point.

Yeah, minus the PS3's high price in comparison. It also doesn't need to play BD or have various other media options of the PS3. Ninty isn't in that market. I guess that means kind of NOT like the PS3 + Move.

GarandShooter3103d ago

Netflix on the Wii shows Ninty's market intentions.

And why wouldn't a console for casuals/non gamers be the perfect place for those other options?

Spydr073103d ago (Edited 3103d ago )

First off, the new edit time of 15 minutes is complete crap. You hear that mods? It's crap. Go back to 30 since you killed the bubble system...

What it's price is now does really matter. I can't say for sure, but I think a large part of the Wii's initial success was it's comparative price to the other "next gen" consoles at its launch. It was several hundred dollars cheaper, making it very appealing to those who were tired of the old consoles and wanted something different. It helped them to get their name back into the mainstream and when kids really took a liking to the motion aspect, word spread. Had it sold for the same price as the 360, I think things today would be drastically different.

Now the Wii can be had for 250 vs 399 for the PS3 + Move, which is a markup of roughly %60. It doesn't matter what the PS3's price is now vs the Wii then. That is completely irrelevant. Everyone knows the high price of the PS3 killed its sales at release.

The Wii may very well have a BD player, I just don't think it needs it. If a BD player can be cheaply added by then, it'll probably have one. Don't expect Ninty to break their bank to include it is all I'm saying. I think they've learned the importance of having a low price.

So, Sony should invest more money in a new storage medium with the PS4 to lose mass amounts of money like they did this cycle? You're crazy. Sony will need to recoup from this and BR will be perfectly capable of supporting next gen's needs. They can hold much more than 50 GB, you know that right? Sony made great ground thus far this cycle, but I doubt they want to repeat it again.

Honestly, I didn't know Netflix was on the Wii. Point duly noted and thanks.

Regarding your question, I guess I don't have a real legit answer for you. I could easily be wrong. I guess I don't see the Wii crowd as having as great of an interest in it for whatever reason. Even when I owned a Wii, I never thought of, nor did the lack of having those features bother me. I seem to have stapled those things to the hardcore crowd...

Would you accept my reply as it being just some baseless stereotype that I seem to have gained for whatever reason? I see your point and you may very well be more correct in your view than me. Thanks for the eye-opener. +bubbs for insight and seeing it more logically than me.

N4g_null3102d ago

Netflix on the wii is a function of a third parties notice how that is not on the ds more the 3ds even though 3d movies where show cased.

Another thing is blu ray just doesn't have a fast enough seek or read spec and right now Sony is still the source for the dioids so that would not be a smart move. Yet sdxc is way faster and intel and amd will be flooding the market with those soon. It is alread the standard for ds and 3ds. Also it holds 1,000 gigs of data and it's a solid state solution. On top of all of this they can use it in the wii right now with an upgrade. Yet it may need a new reader.

Nintendo has been bitten by going high end two gens in a row with the n64 and the gc. Both where high end but just not close enough to the sweet spot like the wii.

Having shaders I mean current gen shaders or even the new open gl spec are close to it would be the most important thing and would also mean effects with out sacrifice to frame rate.

If any new processors are made for motion control gaming that would be welcomed also.

Spydr073102d ago

True about BD being slower in terms of read speeds, but it's not by all that much. The main problem right now is devs are having to relearn how to program for BD (it's not just the cell architecture) and it's caused some problems/laziness.

It's been pointed out before, but I'll do it again. DVD has a variable read speed in that the outside of the disc is read faster than the inside, while BD is constant throughout. On DVD, devs could increase efficiency by putting data on the outside of the disc, where data is read the fastest and less used data on the inside of the disc. That was the norm for years for them.

Now they have to come up with other methods with BD since it has a constant read speed. On average, the speeds are fairly comparable and as BD tech is advanced and developed further, it should be equal or better on average than its DVD counterpart. This is more of a dev limitation than the tech itself. It should be noted that this is the reason for many HDD installs on the PS3.

I haven't heard of the new tech from Intel. As it's an SSD tech, does it still have the same limitations as your other basic SSD? I know the advantages of SSD are great on PC, but its inherent limitations kill it on a console where upgrades are far from the norm. Since the lifespan of a SSD is so much shorter than that of your standard HDD, it could lead to problems. The write speeds of SSD are also problematic. The same is said for it's overall speed in general as it reaches its data capacity. At least this is what I've seen while reading up on SSD a little bit. I know my brother only uses SSD for data that's constantly accessed. If he notices he's not using ___ data as much, he moves it to another partition on a standard HDD.

The rest I agree with. Nintendo would do well in sticking to what worked for them this gen. Don't worry about making the console's technological gorilla. Stick to what worked: a low-priced, fun-to-play, kiddie-console (not meant as an insult) that appeals to a demographic beyond the hardcore. They have some amazing 1st party devs and some of the most popular franchises in the history of gaming. If the price is right, people will buy it. +bubbs to you.

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N4g_null3102d ago

Open your eyes what happened with the 3ds is going to happen with the next console. Every one loves shaders. Hd resolution was just a by product yet it will be there also and expect the motion controller to be perfected are evolved.

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