Tekken x Street Fighter to be released well after Street Fighter x Tekken?
"The Street Fighter and Tekken cross-over games of Street Fighter x Tekken from Capcm and Tekken x Street Fighter from Namco for the PS3 and Xbox 360 were announced earlier today during a panel at Comic-Con. Capcom ended the presentation with a slide saying Street Fighter x Tekken was a way off and to enjoy Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds until then. So when should we expect Namco's take on the cross-over?"

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Queasy3194d ago

Well, not too surprising but disappointing. Will be quite a wait and makes me wonder how much interest there will be in Namco's version.

rezzah3194d ago

tekken is more my style, but to each their own.

Quagmire3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Imo, we should abbreviate or shorten the game titles as Tekken X and Street Fighter X for the time being, so that we can differentiate the games, as it can be somewhat confusing at times.

I'll probably buy both, but I'm more of a Tekken fan. Don't get me wrong, its not that I hate street fighter, its just that Tekken is a classic, and i havent been bothered to try any other fighting franchises

vsr3194d ago

I will smash my DS3.

Spydr073194d ago

Actually, best for a stick, then DS3. I'm a DS3 user myself.

I can't say this news is really a surprise. Namco takes forever with Tekken games anyway. And if they try to balance it while keeping all Tekken characters with all of their moves, it'll take a while getting the SF characters up to par. So, I think there would be more work for that version.

NarooN3194d ago

Namco doesn't take "forever" with the Tekkens. There's been a three-year gap between each arcade release since as long as I can remember.

Spydr073193d ago

The arcade release every three years with Tekken games started from Tekken 4 to Tekken 5. Before that, it was around every two years. Feel free to look it up. Or you can just figure the first one was released in 1994 and there have been seven games released (Tekken 1-6 and Tekken Tag Tournament). Every 3 years would be 21 years from Tekken 1 until now, which is mathematically impossible given the initial release in 1994.

NarooN3193d ago

I said for as long as I can remember - that doesn't equate to the beginning of time. Three years is still nothing in terms of modern day development.

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killcycle3194d ago

Well Queasy, The Capcom version uses the Street fighter 4 engine and graphics which probably means the Namco version will use the Tekken 6 Engine.

If thats the case then no wonder it'll take longer. It's alot harder to develop a character on the Tekken 6 engine because theres so much more movement imo.

Anon73493194d ago

You don't need to say 'imo.'

Because it's true, it's not a fact of opinion. It's called being objective, there is no opinions involved at all.

Tekken is in a full 3D environment where you have to side step and circle your opponent. Tekken's gameplay is just more fast paced, it's just a fact. Street Fighter's gameplay is actually quiet relatively slow in comparison to most fighters.

Voiceofsoi3194d ago

As much as I want to play all three of these games right now it's probably for the best. I love Tekken and SF enough to give them time to get each game right, and let each game have their day in the sun. 2012 is just about the right time for a Tekken sequel, so I think interest will still be high, I know I'll still be interested.

Queasy3194d ago

Yeah, it's going to be cutting it real close to the likely beginning of the next generation of consoles though. I would be surprised if TxSF ended up on the PS3 or Xbox 720 though.

Baka-akaB3194d ago

i doubt the opposite actually . I think that unlike what some might expect , TXSF will be done with tekken 6's engine , making it an unlikelt candidate for any new console

takohma3194d ago

@Baka Namco is redoing Tekken from the ground up. Their going to have a new engine for T7. Meaning new combo system, style and hit boxes will be fixed from T6. But I don't know how TxSf will work since every character in SF has no more than 8 or so moves. The SF characters will be very limited compared to Tekken characters where they all have close to or over 100 moves to choose from

Baka-akaB3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

yes for tekken 7 , quite unlikely for TXSF . They dont have many tekken teams . They certainly wont allocate and divert major ressources from 7 to develop TXSF , and will instead use assets from t6 .

They have no reason not to , t6's engine had no real technical issue .

And i dont think they'll make the sf characters that limited . They come up with new moves and probably add all of those existing not reused in the newer capcom games .

Take ryu , aside from his supernatural stuff , there is very little reason not to find suiting move in the world of karate shotokan

Man In Black3194d ago

Well, apart from the loading times.

Redempteur3194d ago

damn those loading times ... aside from the stupid story , the cheap azzazel and the amount of time required to farm money ( aside from "the spot" ) ..yep the loading times were a big turn off from enjoying tekken 6.
but i think the competition with capcom will make them "improve this stuff"

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Natsu X FairyTail3194d ago

word. Playing multiple fighting games at the same time can be kind of Tricky because you have to remember how to play each. WHenver I play a game alot I tend to forget how to play other games.

Redempteur3194d ago

if you really mastered a game should be able to remember enough in few seconds ...

but mix up are possible for everyone ... after too much street fighter and playing a little of blazblue i tried to focus cancel jin attacks ..

asides from these little moments ..that's not much a problem

MikeTyson3194d ago

They should just make one game. Namco vs Capcom. That way you can have characters from say.. Soul Calibur, or even DBZ :D

White-Sharingan3194d ago

lol DBZ characters are just too powerful.

Athlon3194d ago

So if SF x Tekken is coming out in late 2011, are they going to improve on the graphics engine any? I'm thinking they would. It would be outdated to have a 2 year old graphics engine by that time.

takohma3194d ago

So can I finally be able to parry Guile's flash kick again?!? That shit is annoying with spammers.

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