Spector: what Ebert thinks is "irrelevant"

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector has called film critic Roger Ebert's view that videogames can never be art "irrelevant".

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ATi_Elite3009d ago

If video games are not considered art then the Mona Lisa is just paint on the wall.

I prefer video games (interactive art) versus looking at some finger paintings from dead people.

hatchimatchi3009d ago

I agree.

Plus, comparing a videogame to a painting is pretty silly. Music, videogames, film, paintings. It's all art but different kinds.

Ebert is a smart man though, he's becoming irrelevent due to the internet. Instead of reading a newspaper to see his reviews, you can go to rottentomatoes or other sites to get reviews. He has to say outlandish things like, "videogames can never be art," in order to maintain his presence in the media.

3008d ago