Top 10 Co-Op Games

Ever been subjected to hours of watching a friend blast video game baddies in the face while you patiently wait your turn? Of course you have. Gaming can occasionally be a frustatingly solitary pursuit, which is what makes classic co-op games such a joy to play.

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Gandalf3007d ago

One of my favorites was Metal Slug. My friend and I used to go to the arcade and play that all the time back in the day.

a_squirrel3007d ago

I wish they had battletoads actually...

Yi-Long3007d ago

... where the hell is Castle Crashers!?

Weaksauce11383007d ago

How LBP isn't there is beyond me, I don't think the writer owns a PS3

Spenok3005d ago

Maybe he forgot? Either that or wha you said.

ExplosionSauce3007d ago

Streets of Rage but no Final Fight?
Castle Crashers is pretty fun and so is LBP, definitely.
Battletoads...I played TMNT Turtles in Time, Double Dragon. Contra. All pretty fun too :P
Gears of War....?

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Legosz3007d ago

Yup, borderlands was awesome co op :)

SpaceFox3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Idk man, I didnt like it that much. To actually enjoy the co-op you needed to start the game at the same time as your friend and play along with them, or else you'd be different levels and at different parts of the game, and it just didnt work out.

SlyGuy3007d ago

since it ignores many past awesome coop games, e.g. TMNT, Double Dragon, Battletoads, SMB series, etc.

On that note, I had the most fun with Borderlands coop this gen. Want to try playing the Siren character next.

SpaceFox3007d ago

Reminds me, Dragonball Sagas was a pretty good co-op game back in the day. Remember playing it with my cousin and had a blast.

WhatARump3007d ago

omgg sagas, such good memories!!

Borderlands was the most amazing game I played last year :O!

Folezicle3007d ago

I played the whole borderlands co-op and it was well worth the experience.. Gears does deserve the title, but you could argue castle crashers was good, and i did enjoy LBP.. Left 4 Dead 2 also was a brilliant game

Natsu X FairyTail3007d ago

Cant belive they put Rockband in there. SMH!

rumplstilts3007d ago

Seems like you have never played it with all your friends for a night.

ThePlaystationFour3007d ago

This article is pretty much the "writer" opinion on "HIS" top 10 co-op games.

DelbertGrady3007d ago

What did you expect it to be?

lh_swe3007d ago

Of the whole site perhaps.

Seemingly unlikely though as N4G is only about one idividuals opinion offending another.

Folezicle3007d ago

could never work, all the titles would be exclusives, it wouldn't matter weather you played the game, it would be on what console

thebudgetgamer3007d ago

not only can you play millions of levels with friends, you can build levels together as well.

rumplstilts3007d ago

My friends are assholes so those things never wortk out :(. Also I prefer it to be my vision as I want it to be.

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The story is too old to be commented.