Wii Games That Belong On PSN (RunDLC)

Electronic Arts made a smart decision including the Wii shooter, Dead Space Extraction, with copies of the Dead Space 2 Limited Edition on PlayStation 3, complete with Move support. That inspired us to create a list of third party Wii titles that should make the transition to PS3, preferably as downloadable games.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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qface643672d ago

what is it with everyone always saying this (insert wii game here) should come to the psn/xbl
really? how many times has this even happened to make people think it would be a download
if a wii game was ever brought to the ps3/360 it will be a full priced game

that whole download thing is very silly

Xof3672d ago

Given the actual file-sizes of Wii games, it would make more sense to sell it as a digital download than a blu-ray disc.

Anyway, the only Wii game I want to see on the PS3 is Dragon Quest IX. A port, and HD-transfer, a PSN game, whatever. I just don't want to have to buy a Wii for one game.

And no one tell me I don't have to. Making a DQ game for a console I don't have is the same thing as pointing a gun to my head--refusal means DEATH.

gamerzBEreal173672d ago

i would love to see no more heros and house of the dead on the ps3 with move

Mahr3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

"Anyway, the only Wii game I want to see on the PS3 is Dragon Quest IX... I just don't want to have to buy a Wii for one game"

Especially since Dragon Quest IX isn't on the Wii.

Xof3672d ago

But that should have been obvious. Anyway.... *Dragon Quest X

stragomccloud3672d ago

Well... Xbox 360 discs and Wii discs are also the same DVD 9 format disk.

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rumplstilts3672d ago

"We’d love to play No More Heroes 2 with PlayStation Move, swinging beam swords around and lopping off limbs."

I don't think they know how to play NMH. You only swing for finishers. Otherwise it is if it is being titled up or down for the height of your attacks.

Xof3672d ago

I think it's more like gamers who haven't played the Wii always imagine it to be more dynamic and exciting than it really is. (Motion-control games in general).

Basically, they expect it to be the same perfect sword-play simulator we've all been wanting since the age of five.

WIIIS13672d ago

lol I'm not sure the PS3 can handle Wii games! /s

Venox20083672d ago

this article is fanboy's dream :)

LoaMcLoa3672d ago

Fanboy-rubbish! Any good Wii-game is worth a full price, even as a port.

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