GameBlurb: Medal of Honor Beta Impressions

So the Battlefield, er… Medal of Honor Beta has been out for a while and EA has been touting it to the be next best multiplayer experience. How does this game stack up to the competition?

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jaidek3197d ago

I have to agree, I have played the beta for a bit now and it really doesn't bring anything to the table that hasn't already been offered. This game would have been amazing during the first Modern Warfare days, but now it just feels like an uninspired clone.

Let's just hope that the single player campaign is more original.

Blacktric3196d ago

Medal Of Honor is always been about single player. I mean it had multiplayer since first game (split-screen greatness oh yeah) but I think this game will also be a story based one. Multiplayer will be there just to make game appeal more to the gamers and it looks quite good to me.

RonRico3196d ago

generic so if that sounds bad at all, run away! If not it really is fun. I bet when it's fully releast it rocks, but don't mark me words boyz.

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Rob Hornecker3196d ago

This was the 1st brutally honest review I have seen yet. Like the author,I to am a HUGE fan of BFBC2. After a VERY long delay and a huge dent my time to d/l the MoH beta,I must say it wasn't worth it. I was thinking it would have been alot better than what was showen at this years E3.

As I have said in other post about this game,It should NOT be released in it's current form and brought back to the drawing board. I will be canceling my pre-order for it on monday!

vampstreak3196d ago

i have an extra key if anyone wants it

mrv3213196d ago

I'd like one, I love BC2 and MW2, this should hopefully be a nice middle.

peeps3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

You'd think so, instead it's just not as good as either imo lol and COD really does my head in

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The story is too old to be commented.