Rumor: PSN Plus Will Cover Your DC Universe Online Fee

DualShockers writes, "Word is coming in from a live feed at Newsarama that Sony Online Entertainment has just dropped a bomb on the potential MMO gaming world of PS3. Apparently if you are a member of PlayStation Plus Newsarama is reporting that you will not be paying any monthly fee for the beat-em-up massive online multi-player title DC Universe Online which was nominated for a Best in Show award by DualShockers at E3 2010 (see here). Could it be that Sony Online Entertainment will be making this a standard practice for their MMO titles as suggested by our previous editorial on the matter....."


**UPDATE**: DualShockers contacted Sony Online Entertainment directly for official word and the answer is that this information is absolutely false. However, DualShockers was able to confirm some other rather interesting information regarding PSN+ and DCUO... <<-- Click here to find out that new information.

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GameTavern3102d ago

I mean on paper this makes sense as a gamer, but if you are Sony, you see it as losing a net of about 70 bucks a year.

So guess it depends on which is more important to them.

PSfan093102d ago

well these are the same people that doesn't charge for online. If it was the other company (you know) that charges for online, this rumor wouldnt even exist

GameTavern3102d ago

Well I mean you can't say they DON'T charge for online when they have announced already gonna charge you for DC Universe ONline, it really becomes whether they will include the cost in PSN Plus or on top of it.

SeanRL3102d ago

You're allowed to say microsoft.

gamerzBEreal173102d ago


OneSneakyMofo3102d ago

SOE has always charged for their games, but this is a cross-product between PCs and PS3s so this rumor might be true.

badz1493102d ago

dude, DCU online is an MMO game and most MMO out there (the popular ones especially on PC) have fees! this is not your usual game and only M$ charge for usual game to be played online on XBL.

Sheikh Yerbouti3102d ago

At the very least, they should have the first three months free. They probably know that the fee would turn off a lot of gamers who are not accustom to playing MMO' myself.

Waiving the fee for PSN+ members will ensure more sales, enough to offset the money lost in the initial three months. Remember PC gamers will still have to pay.

HolyOrangeCows3102d ago

"DualShockers contacted Sony Online Entertainment directly for official word and the answer is that this information is absolutely false"


sikbeta3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

"4:06 -To clarify, that's PlayStation Plus. If you are a member of the new PSN + you won't need an additional subscription. That suddenly makes that $50 PSN + fee a lot more attractive."

"4:38 - as for the pricing ... a Sony Online Entertainment rep says the guy on the panel misspoke.

Initial subscription fee for PC users is $49.99 per month; for Sony PS3 players, it's $59.99. that comes with a free 30-day subscription.

After that, it will cost PC & PS3 users the same monthly subscription fee, $14.99 per ....

sorry for the confusion."


WildArmed3102d ago

Highly improbable.
This is just one of those things that everybody creates a rumor about but really isn't true..
Like PS3 getting x-game chat in Sept 2007..
remember all those articles?
Yeah, it's all rumors based on fan-fantasy.

Sorry, but this ain't happening!
(but if it does~ BAM Im in)

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3102d ago
N4BmpS3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Yeah Sony is risking a great loss but this could be what pushes PSN+ over the "is it worth it?" hurdle. If PSN+ is going to cover this a lot of MMO players and PS3 owners could jump on this.

But it is a big risk but it could ultimately pay off.

@below: Yeah I see where you're coming from (on both sides). But in addition to attracting MMO players, I think it would boost a more positive image for PSN+ (if this is true).

Raf1k13102d ago

It would certianly make me want to get it for PS3 instead of PC but then again it's an MMO so I would be more comfortable playing it on PC anyway.

The Great Melon3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Although I think MMOs are better played on the PC, Sony just might get me to purchase Playstation Plus. I never buy MMOs because of the monthly fee, but if I were to pay just one service fee for every game I might consider buying the game and Playstaion Plus.

KillerPwned3102d ago

I think that if sony belives in themselves that they can afford this and cover the lost costs. It will be done no questions asked.

ChronoJoe3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Unless they'll sell stuff in game too, via microtransaction.

Then boosting the in-game population, will increase these sales and offset subscription losses.

That, alongside how MMOs actually don't cost much to run - at all, and don't require there subscription fees to be ran. As some believe. The subscription fees on most MMOs are almost entirely net profit. So if Sony are charging for the DCUO disc they will most likely turn a profit from the retail sales alone, and further by boosting PS+ subscriptions - although not as much as if people were subscribing to the game seperately. Of course.

Christopher3102d ago

Extremely unlikely unless it's a very limited subscription. Say it covers only one character slot. Even that is extremely unlikely.

MMOs have huge development and upkeep costs, that's why they have the monthly fees.

raztad3102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

If true this will provide a very nice initial bump to DCU sales/userbase on PS3, while at the same time PS+ userbase grows tremendously. Sony can profit from it using a microtransaction system like in HOME/Free Realms.

Lets face it. DCU is not gonna be very popular on PS3 if we have to pay $15/month.

Imperator3102d ago

I would say it's more likely a discount. I doubt it will be completely fee free for Plus Subscribers.

jeseth3101d ago

So far I've been really liking the PS+ service. Lots of free wallpapers, avatars, themes, and now demos. The discounted PSN games are also nice. If DC Universe is free with PS+ I'll buy it!

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Hitman07693102d ago

Definitely a hard call to say if it will lose or gain them cash, but as a gamer I really don't care about all that.

I am hoping this pans out since I can't see myself picking up this MMO with a monthly fee and I really want to play! It looks awesome!

playstation_clan3102d ago

psn plus memberships will go sky rocketing. Those same people will say "cross game whatt?"

This is the most exciting news i heard today, tbh

iiprotocolii3102d ago

Agreed. Taking into consideration that DCUO sells extremely well (which I don't doubt), this is definitely great news. People who have played the game have said that the game has been amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

RyuDrinksTheDew3102d ago

agreed, this would get me to purchase PSN+.

Simon_Brezhnev3102d ago

same here if this true i'll get PSN + now.

herukuti3102d ago

i would hop on the bandwagon too; but i rap so i dont carry instruments.

sikbeta3102d ago

IF this is true, count me in, I'll not lose time and will pay for PS+, I'll do it anyway...

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3102d ago

With PS+ the only thing they CAN do is make money because all the free games and add ons and discounts are for content that has already turned a profit for them. The money from PS+ is enough to cover the DCU subscription fees.

ingiomar3102d ago

That is highly unlikely unless they are not planning to expand or update the game and they would be losing lots of potential money.

If it does happen i consider this kind-off a good step in the direction of mmo's on consoles even if it means the game won't change

ZombieAutopsy3102d ago

They would lose money from the PS side of things i suppose but PC they'd prolly make alot of money and i'm sure the game will do better sales and subscription wise on PC.

NYC_Gamer3102d ago

so whats paying for the updates?

PSfan093102d ago

if they forget everything they put in + like the minis, game, discounts, and focus the option on this then it'll pay for it

mrv3213102d ago (Edited 3102d ago )

Expansions etc, the cost of the game. TF2 has constant update yet it's free to play.

There's plenty of free-to-play MMO's on a microtransaction basis.

DA_SHREDDER3102d ago

No game is worth paying 180 bucks a year for. I dont get why mmo's charge so much. I mean, if 1 million people paid 2 dollars a month for a mmo game, than thats 2 million dollars that are used to keep the servers up and running. I think those high charges is why mmo's will never be successful on consoles unless they stop being greedy and charge only whats needed to run the servers.

Okay, so charge 3 dollars a month to have some extra pocket money, but 15 bucks a month? Thats a slap in the face if you ask me. And honestly fees dont even make sense with all these free mmo's out. How in the hell do they get away with charging in the first place? Oh yeah, I forgot, Blizzard's business model ruined pc and console games. Death to Actiblizzard!

taz80803102d ago

That is the going rate for MMOs today and everyone accepts it because of the constant updates and balancing. So many players accept this model that any MMO that comes out will go the same route so it would be huge for Sony to go this route.

JonnyBigBoss3102d ago

I know most people here are console gamers and aren't into MMOs, but trust me, if you tried an MMO thoroughly you'd also see why they're so popular. Whenever I get into an MMORPG (Eve Online, FFXI, WoW) I only play that game unless friends are over since it's so much more enjoyable than the other games available. It makes justifying $15/month very easy.

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