Sony develops the world’s first*1 blue-violet ultrafast pulsed semiconductor laser

The path to practical light-source in next-generation large-capacity optical disc storage & for nano-fabrication -

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NAGNEWS3060d ago

3 words - Sony make.believe

D4RkNIKON3060d ago

Sony develop and innovate. Others buy out companies for their tech and research. I'm talking about you Kinect aka Zcam

IaMs123060d ago

Well buying the companies out too can work the same way, its adding on to your company, BUT the major difference is tho Sony is researching, is MS?

But this is quite awesome but unfortunately we wont see this in our household for quite some time, well as mainstream.

sikbeta3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

This news is the same as the one here:

I don't care anyway, SONY Pushing the boundaries and Innovating like they do since log ago, keep up the great work...

Sony, you make and we believe

HolyOrangeCows3060d ago

Now get to making that laser GUN.

mikeslemonade3060d ago

Sony, the only true innovators in the industry.

vsr3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

i'm happy that MS choose DD. Next gen will not have compromised 3rd party exclusives. SONY wins. Others can enjoy their unlimited hours downloading

Theonetheonly3059d ago

for UV-Ray with a bashillionz a dem giggabeets!

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SnuggleBandit3060d ago

can someone translate this for me...i don't understand the advantages this brings compared to what we have now besides how it said it will make the light box smaller.

Was anything else really mentioned? I didnt understand a lot of it haha

PoSTedUP3060d ago

"that are 100 times that of the world's current highest levels."

that^ is all you need to know.

woooh!! buying day one!

; )

moparful993060d ago

Basically this is going to expand the capacity of discs in the magnitude of 200 times while maintaining ultra high read rates.. This all basically means blu-ray on steroids.. You know how the install issue on ps3 had alot to do with the blu ray drive not reading very fast? Well this means more space with drive speeds higher then that of anything that currently exists... On another note.Sony truly does drive us forward as a species.. I love it..

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Incognegro3060d ago

I guess I'm the only one that couldn't read that whole article...I didn't know what the hell was going on. Only that it's faster? and that it makes boxes smaller?

Inside_out3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Sony is still trying to hold on to the past. People don't want any more discs or any kind of physical media. They have blu-ray and nobody wants that or even uses that disc

Necessity is the mother of all invention. There is no need for discs any more. You can have a wall covered with discs or a little black box in the corner with everything stored and organized. Sony doesn't get it, Sony fanboys don't get it. Sony is going down in flames. In 10 years, Sony may not even be here. It will be broken up into 10 different companies.

BTW...the university is doing the work, Sony just paying a research grant hoping to lock onto another patent to make some money. Unfortunately, they are wasting there money.

Video games for example will be stored on some server somewhere and when you want to play, set up your account, and log in. You get a code and a password. That's it, a couple presses of the key pad and your gaming. You'll pay a monthly " maintenance " fee to keep all your games and DLC there. Like a bank, access anytime you want. Discs and ALL physical media are slowly disappearing, same way money is...credits, debits, and cashless. No more piracy, used games, consoles...anything. The Internet is becoming the alpha and the omega of all things in society. All future TV's will have access to the Internet ( already here ) and will include massive built in storage capabilities. Who will want discs at that point???. Go to a friends house and log in. Go anywhere there is electricity and a monitor and your gaming and interacting. Cell phones are a gateway tech for all of this. They say the next gen phones coming out soon will run Unreal three...LOL.

BTW...there will be a record of every transaction, conversation and everything you do recorded and stored's already here if you take the time to look.

yewles13060d ago

Final proof that THIS will always be N4360G. XD

cyborg69713060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

I still want a physical format not sure what crawled in your butt and took over you weak mind cez but it's the same song and dance from you and your minions that hate on Sony.

Cloud storage is at very least two gens ahead of us, even at that time the old cronies like myself and millions of others like to COLLECT a median that we can hold in our hands.

It's time for you to get the grey matter between your ears examined.

Darth_Bane793060d ago

I like to have my media in a physical format, and as you can see I'm not the only one.

I wouldn't want all my media floating on the internet, which is not the most secure place for me to keep important files. Why do you think that some companies keep the computers with their back up files disconnected from the internet? The web is a very insecure place to be storing stuff, and everyday I see piracy over the web getting bigger and bigger.. (Torrents anyone?)

Where do you think people that own modded xbox units get their downloaded games? Oh and don't give me the "M$ is banning those units" crap, because I have friends that are playing on modded xbox right now. So how is the internet the way to protect from copyright infringement? When it's actually becoming the very source for acquiring pirated media?

cmacdonald3060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Not yet.

Small music files yes, not 20+ GB games.

evilmonkey5013060d ago

People will always need a physical medium for transportation, security and peace of mind. Always. That's why.

StbI9903060d ago

Oh cez...should it be, cez of stupidity?

Let me quote your simple valid line.

" In 10 years" You may be dead, so may everyone here lol, in 10 years sony can take over digital download or does microsoft own that? in ten years ps4 will destroy your little world called xbox troll, you dont get it do you, Sony is the technology itself, microsoft is...well, who the fck know! so whatever with you big trolling reply! take a disagree here.

rockleex3060d ago

When Microsoft's the one that won't let go of DVD9?

moparful993060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

Cez you are wrong for a number of reasons, let me enlighten you

1. As stated above people prefer a physical copy of their games.
2. What if the internet is down or the cloud server is being maintainanced? No gaming.
3. Brick and mortar stores will all be put out of buisness and I believe there are laws that protect them in this regard.
4. It's is insanely expensive to host a cloud gaming server system which means it will be costly for the end user.
5. Everyone in the country will have to have access to high bandwidth internet before this will take off. Alot of gamers live in remote areas with only dial up connections and there's no telling how long it will take for the infrastructure to catch up with society.

As you can gather from the above answers physical media will likely be a part of our existence for some time to come, It won't just "happen" , it will be a slow integration which will take years.

RageAgainstTheMShine3060d ago

for the true believers here in N4G...

guys, M$ has really screwed up many fantrolls line of thinking.
they don't even adhere to logic, reason and progress

while their so called 'knowledge' are good for a laugh every now and then but never ever try to reason with them

guys, where DRM failed, high capacity optical media like the blu-ray disc is Sony's present solution to piracy and publishers will support this trend for many years to come.

a vast majority of countries in the world are not tech savvy as many DD fantrolls here in the internet would like them to be.

Heisenberg3059d ago

Your childish nonsense ramblings are your own delusions, don't talk as if you speak for anyone but yourself. Fortunately the market proves trolls like you are the minority.

DJMarty3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

@cez of rage - People like to own ther media on phyical discs, not have to basically rent it. Which is what Digital downloads ends up being. Clouds will be no different, you'll never actually own the media, just have access to it for a fee.

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DarkBlood3060d ago

ah damn i was thinking light sabre lol

Scotland-The-Brave3059d ago (Edited 3059d ago )

same here lol
how cool would it be to have a sony light sabre
It only does "weapons"

mrv3213060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

GT6 will be real life.

Seriously at this point Sony is just competing with itself.

ZombieAutopsy3060d ago

It seems like they always have been, not saying they don't have good competition i just don't think they really care about them.


HVD and V-ray are going to be fighting it out just a couple of years from now.

Get your popcorn ready.

writersblock3060d ago

Blu-Ray is actually violet, same thing shown here

I think this article is showing like a thinner beam or something