Only 20% of games should have stories

Ian Fisch of Gamasutra: I love good movies. I love good books. I love good TV series. I’m a huge fan of noninteractive media. Yet I skip through most cutscenes in videogames. Why is this?

The other day, a popular internet reviewer criticised Mario Galaxy 2 for having a weak story. The game's story consists of little more than Bowser kidnapping the princess and Mario having to go through a bunch of abstract worlds in order to find her.

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ZombieAutopsy3098d ago

no 80% of games need better stories.

DA_SHREDDER3098d ago

I could see how someone who only has a 360 can say this.

Joule3097d ago


Darkstorn3097d ago

Stories are going to be increasingly important as our medium of choice becomes more mainstream, professional, and accessible.

I'm always looking for smart social commentary that the developers sneak into the writing, and compelling characters are a joy to play as (mostly because you actually give a shit what happens to them).

Quagmire3097d ago

IMO Story > Gameplay

Do I lose? Call me old-fashioned, however, as I prefer story as a source of reason for gameplay. Take the story out, and I will have no fun. This is why i dont play MP games. I do play games which have little to no story, however, a simple narrative or form of motivation at best is the reson why I game.

Galaxia3098d ago

If only 20% of games had stories, only 20% of games would be good.

I am a firm believer of Gameplay >>> Story. But that doesn't negate the fact that Story is also critically important to any video game. Every game needs a narrative driving force to it.

ZombieAutopsy3098d ago

Where you talking about me? because i have a Ps3

jaredhart3098d ago

Guess he thought you were a fanboy.

SupaGamer3098d ago

I prefer games with good stories.

dizzleK3098d ago

if you don't want a story, dig out your atari.

Darkstorn3097d ago

Agreed. Even a very heavy-handed story > a lackluster story. Hell, Bioshock and MGS4 both had extremely heavy-handed stories and are some of the best games this gen.

xcroptic3097d ago

Heavy Rain is all about Story... with out that its guitar Hero... what I'm saying here is Stories plays a huge role in games!

dktxx23098d ago

Video games are the best media for stories. Followed by books, then movies. I mean you are basically in the story. It's almost total immersion. Its a shame developers don't realize that.

Galaxia3098d ago

I very much agree. Glad that some people do realize Video Games are the best medium for story telling. I'm sick of people belittling games in favor of Films.

This writer of this article is sickening, what kind of person quits out of cutscenes on their first playthrough? Even if the story isn't anything amazing, cutscenes are where you learn a lot about the character that you control and about the ones around you. It hurts to imagine how much of the experience would be ruined by exiting them.

If the dev puts them in, it's for a reason. Watch them.

NovusTerminus3098d ago

I get games for the stories. I do think that game play needs to be great. But since I hate online games most times I would be completely screwed...

That said since I hate shooters I pretty much am screwed in the current market. >.>

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The story is too old to be commented.