Socom Union: Socom 2 Remastered: The Debate

Socom 2 is considered to be the perfect package of tactics, skill and realism by a large number of hardcore Socom fans. In the wake of last year's successful God of War Collection, which gave the classic PlayStation 2 titles a graphical upgrade to high definition, many fans began clamoring for a 'Socom 2: HD' or 'Socom 2: Remastered' edition to come out for the PlayStation 3. When you consider how Socom: Confrontation generally fell flat with most long time Socom players, the audience it was specifically tailored for, and the unique opportunity to remaster the online component of a game, the idea of a 'Socom Collection' is definitely intriguing.

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Johnny_Bravo4702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

I would pay $100+ for SOCOM 2 HD, it was that damn good.

Back in 2003, that was the best $50 I ever spent.....and still is.

FENDR4702d ago

i would pay 200+ if they made SOCOM 2 HD

Vojkan4702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

they should drop Socom (after 4) and that flop MAG and just work on something completly different. New genre, no military shooters.
Socom 4 looks so generic btw just watched videos on GT. i wasnt sure if i was going to get it, since i love 3rd person games i wanted, but between Socom 4 and Vanquish, Vanquish was easy choice.
In my defense i am not that into MP, i am SP guy.

rob60214702d ago

I just think they need to make a new socom game with all the Maps from Socom 2. I'm really crossing my fingers that Socom 4 will have a ton of maps - since they're giving abandoned out for free to gamestop preorders it can't be out of the question.

PoSTedUP4702d ago

socom fans think alike. i would pay $100 for socom2 HD online aswell.

but socom also made me miss out on so many great games (even tho it was a great game) i just wish i would have gotten to experience a wider variety of games. man that game was "to" good... it took up all my time! i was 18 years old still in the 9th grade! lol jk.

ExPresident4702d ago

MAG is hardly a flop. Your not an MP guy so how much time have you spent with it? The game is awesome.

Vojkan4702d ago

in your opinion, sales and reviews say otherwise

Incognegro4702d ago

In that case the game still didn't flop. It has a pretty good following, and many people are still logging in countless hours. You compare Vanquish to Socom but that doesn't make sense especially considering they're not the same style of tps. How can you promote Zipper to do something else when you're not even among their fanbase?

I'm not ragging on you for not liking the style of the game but to voice your opinion from the outside to those congregating on the inside is just blatantly foolish. Especially in the context that you stated. And really, the only Socom to have "flopped" by your standards is Confrontation, and honestly, a lot of people are still playing that game as we speak.

Caffo014702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

Sales =/= quality and most reviews that came out were based on the beta or the 2/3 hours meeting zipper and sony had with press before the release of the game..
You also said you are a SP can you say MAG is a flop then?did you even try it?

morganfell4702d ago

SOCOM II was good but not perfect. The lag was horrible at times. Nothing like turning right down an alley in Sujo, hearing a shot and realizing you were shot 10 feet back.

And anyone that thinks Crossroads was best in S2 hasn't played Confrontation lately.

Chubear4702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

You're comparing the sales of an online only game to SP&MP games. Good for you but I can tell you, for an online only game, MAG sold briliantly at over 750k now and will surpass 1mill lifetime easy. Infact it'll get to the million mark faster than any other online only game on consoles too.

Heck has ANY online only game on any other console even sold 200k? What's more, apart from Shadow Run, are there any other online only games on other platforms anyway?

Only on the PS3 do you get this diversity on genres and gaming expereinces but ofcourse they have to be nic-picked to death for going beyond while others get praises for average and mediocrity.

Sorry but people like you won't kill MAG. MAG2 will be mind blowing.. no thanks to you :P lol

Keep on hating, we'll keep on gaming :)

anyways, nothing will satisfy S2 nuts. Even if they did S2 HD they'd still say it's crap and nothing like S2. That came was indeed like crack; it messed up the minds of many gamers :( lol

Incognegro4702d ago

well...Warhawk has sold over 500k to help you out with another point. And Socom Confrontation has sold over a mil too...

ExPresident4702d ago

Reviews were based on BETA play and many of those reviewers didn't even take the time to play a huge portion of the game which are the leadership roles.

Sales do not = quality, as others have said, MAG is selling well, especially for a game with no SP.

Delive4702d ago

If they do use the Socom 2 engine, they need to include ALL the maps that were available to Combined Assault. And, also fix the soft spots. Then, they have my money.

Vojkan4702d ago

all of you are insane fanboy, wow spin after spin. yes everyone is biased, everyone hates SOny etc. Only when you dont agree with them but then you praise same people when they give GOTY to Demon Souls or uncharted 2, bunch of crazy hypocrates.
MAG was bad, case closed. Yes i played MAG, so did my brother who only plays online shooters, he also agrees, it sucks.

BattleAxe4701d ago

@ Morganfell,

I don't understand why you seem to like Slant 6 so much. Its not necessarily just the maps that people weren't super happy with, it was also how they changed the player movement. Playing Confrontation feels clunky comared to the previous socom games.

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ZombieAutopsy4702d ago

$3,000,0000,000,000 for a socom 2hd 3d move supported game.

ThanatosDMC4702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

Is this the one in which you had to defend the embasy? Because that was awesome!

Yeah, i was gonna point out why people would want to pay a ridiculous amount for a remake when Sony seems content at $39.99 or less. Check Sly and GOW collection.

Incognegro4702d ago

aw man...thanks for reminding about that level. that was actually pretty fun and crazy. that whole atmosphere just felt dead and hopeless. I can't believe I forgot about it...

Microsoft Xbox 3604702d ago

OMG how did I skip this article earlier? I would definitely pay $150 for an HD remake of Socom 2. It's the one game I have spent many many many hours on. Almost dropped out of school because of Socrack 2. Foxhunt FTMFW!

BattleAxe4701d ago

I would want to see Socom 1, Socom 2, Socom 3 and Socom: Combined Assault all Remastered on one Blu-Ray disc.

If they ever came out with every single Socom map and integrated it with the PSN, that would be EPIC!!

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Ray1864702d ago

That the only reason that they have to not do it is that the online player numbers would put their new "expurience" game to shame. Sony would have to seriously look at the management / Dev teams to try and find out what went wrong with the last 3 games.

After Confrontation the days of me buying games just because Socom is in the title are over. I actually have them all. Even then the cell phone one.

Johnny_Bravo4702d ago

Yea if they was to remake SOCOM 2 and sell it, SOCOM 4 would be a huge flop and a waste of 3 years in development by a game they made 7 years ago. I could honestly care less if they did nothing to do the game, if they just released it on better servers so people can't cheat I would play it for years. SOCOM 2 servers are still up for a reason people, its the king of 3rd person online shooters.

PirateThom4702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

I was actually SHOCKED I was able to play SOCOM II online a month or so ago.

It's still sublime, truly one of the best online games available and I doubt anyone would be against a remastered version of it... hell, I wish that's what SOCOM 4 was.

spunnups4702d ago

Shamefully I never got to try it out online. I do, however, have the game. Is it possible to play it on my PS3? I doubt it but I'd figure i"d ask the experts.

ZombieAutopsy4702d ago

If your ps3 has BC yes you can play it online.

scofios4702d ago

Normally you can if you still have the ps2 network access disc ( and a BC ps3 ) , it will allow you to play it online but keep in mind that you will be playing online on the ps2 network not psn and you need people that are still playing socom 2 online but according to PirateThom and Johnny_Bravo , there are still people playing it.

ChronoJoe4702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

You silly Ray.

You don't think they could simply re-create what Socom 2 had, if they wanted to? They want to boost sales, with accessibility.

The reason they won't release Socom 2 would because some people would buy that instead of Socom 4. That and there's no real incentive for those who never played Socom 2, to go and buy it. A Socom 2 remastering simply isn't economically viable.

ATLGAMER4702d ago

i like socom 2 and 3 idea...i don't know why you guys hate 3 so much i love it

Ray1864702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

That's my point. F accessibility. Give the fans what they want. If enough people on your friends list are playing it at the same time, that's the best advertising that they could ever want.

Let's be serious. No Socom game was ever really advertised. Bundling it with the move is the same B.S. that they pulled with the BT headset. Socom fans for the most part will buy anything branded with the name.

To be honest I'm going buy it the same way that I should have brought Confrontation. A week after release on E-bay for a pittance.

MikeTyson4702d ago

Id rather have a SOCOM II HD then socom 4.. . .

Microsoft Xbox 3604702d ago (Edited 4702d ago )

I agree with you 100%. Why the need for revamped gameplay when the engine in S2 was superior to any Socom out there. I hope Zipper sees the demand for this and decide to do a PSN release. Like I said earlier, I'd pay over $100 for an upscaled, ported, or remake of the S2 we know and love. Couple that with PSN and we probably would never see cheaters ruin S2 again.

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