Joystiq: Dragon Age 2 Preview

BioWare surprised fans at Comic-Con with a world premiere hands-on preview of Dragon Age 2, completely open to the public. A block down the street from the convention center, fans were treated to a short presentation by lead designer Mike Laidlaw, as well as a few very brief combat segments and a look at the story that kicks off the game.

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yog-sothot3061d ago

So it seems the moto is "more action"... I don't know, we already have plenty of action games out there, does every franchise need to follow this path ? The first Dragon Age has been a real success with its core RPG style, and I'm not sure it was necessary to take another road with this one.

It's great when a sequel innovates, but I'd rather see Bioware keep the strenghts of the game and improve on its weaknesses instead of removing parts of the game and filling the void with blood and over-the-top action.

I keep an eye on the game of course, but I'll be just "cautiously optimistic"

Bobbykotickrulesz3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

The first one had really lame fighting mechanics and the environments were boring, as well as the characters.

They had like, a really dumb version of turn based fighting that I personally disliked. But other people didn't seem to care about (what I thought were) its many major flaws.

asyouburn3060d ago

i like tactical combat. it reminded me of KOTOR. i think its really good for controlling multiple party members at a time. dragon age 2 is gonna really dissapoint me if they make it a button masher. turn based active time > running up to enemies and mashing button a hundred times

Spenok3059d ago

I actually prefer the new combat style. Those are my favorite kind of games though. Lets just hope they do it right.

Alos883061d ago

I never cared for the strange turn based combat of the original, but at least it's still available for those who want it on the PC.

phantomexe3060d ago

I loved the frist one it drawed me into the story like ff games use to long ago.

3060d ago